20 Ways to Crush It This Year

Holy smokes! We’re almost upon a whole new year and an entirely new decade.

The time is simultaneously flying by and not going fast enough.

I’m grateful and impatient.

I want change to occur and new experiences to happen. 

Yet, I know lasting, next-level growth can’t happen overnight.

It’s bit by bit, step by step. Through doing and learning and adjusting over the course of the journey.

So here’s 20 steps to take in 2020 to boost your success in business and life and all things in between: 

1.  Need a kick in the butt to pick yourself up when face down in the arena? Read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.

2.  And then once you’re standing again, read Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. and become the leader your business needs.

3.  When you aren’t sure what to do next, just take an action. It doesn’t need to be huge or exactly right. You can’t think your way to a solution or a goal, you need to get moving.

4.  When you need to step outside of your comfort zone or do something for the first few times, you have permission to give yourself space and grace to muck it up and not get it 100% right on the first few go’s. And if you need a permission slip, I’m happy to write you one.

5.  Give yourself a break with intention. (Courtesy of my coach) 

6.  Get off your dang phone.

7.  Keep out of your inbox. Allow yourself to go into your inbox and check or respond to emails no more than three times per day.

8.  Practice making quick decisions

9.  Say “No” more often. Remember that if it’s not a “heck yes”, it’s a “no”. And that’s okay. And it’s going to feel really uncomfortable at first.

10.  Make self-care a routine and a priority, whether that’s yoga regularly during the week, reading just to read or walking in nature. 

11.  Talk to at least five new people each week about what you do, aka your business. That’s less than one person per day and you will reap rewards from extending your reach.

12.  Like they say in yoga – “You go where you gaze.” Make sure you and your team all know where the ship is heading.

13.  Make sure you’re not the highest level, most advanced, smartest person in each room you’re in. In order to grow and continually level up, seek out connections to people that have been where you’re going, whether two steps in front of you or two years.

14.  Hold better team meetings. This is something I’m making a big focus on my teams and also helping clients to do the same. 

15.  Remember to lean on your team. You hired them to support you, and don’t forget to delegate to them.

16.  Hold your team accountable when they don’t deliver by having real, honest, human communications

17.  It’s okay to put your head down and go into the weeds of your business as long as you also take time to regularly (at least monthly) to pull way back and assess what’s been going on and how much closer you are to your target. Heck, you might even decide to move the target.

18.  Take a vacation. I’ll even help you get there. 

19.  Let go of “Yeah but…”. You’re so much smarter, stronger, braver than you think.

20.  Leave space on your calendar for dawdling and meandering and lolly-gagging and dilly-dallying. Your brain and business will thank you.

Take ’em in and try out two, twelve or all twenty.

And remember, have fun each step of the way.

Enjoy the process.

Let me know how it goes.



Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash


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