Don’t Set up the Relationship to Fail

I’m doing a happy dance over here for YOU because you’ve made the exciting decision to uplevel your business and get yourself some dedicated support in the form of a new assistant. Woohoo!

But let’s keep the party going and kick-off the working relationship RIGHT.

Taking the time at the start sets you and your VA up for so much success and goodness.

Start by having a video call (I love Zoom Meetings for this) where you get to know her more and go over what your business is, why you do what you do. The more your VA understands your WHY, she can better help you with the HOW. I prefer a video call for this step because it feels more personal and I find I’m able to connect more quickly with the other person.

This is also the time to do some housekeeping, like reviewing payment procedures, time tracking (if you want your VA to track her time), communication preference, expectations and task turnaround time, use of project management software, etc.

Then, take the leap and delegate the first task. I always recommend to start with a small assignment and give a little buffer on time to help acclimate her to your business and build trust.

Remember that although she may help other clients with their weekly blog post and newsletter, for example, every business owner has a different process and they need to learn your specific system for completing those tasks. I recommend passing off about 3-4 hours of work per week to start.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ with respect to how you onboard your assistant, the key is communication, especially when delegating a new task. Experienced assistants know that it is common for clients to have their own processes and methods and they’ll adapt accordingly.

It can take an average of 1-3 months for you and the assistant to settle into a fluid working routine, so give it a little time. Be available to answer questions. Be understanding of errors. These are only a problem when they become a pattern.

You really want your assistant to feel like a partner in your business, not an employee.

And before I leave you to know rule the world in your own fabulous way, remember – Everything is Recoverable!

Mistakes and mishaps are going to happen in any business.

Balls will get dropped.

It’s about how you and your team pick them back you and keep going.

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Photo by Dai KE on Unsplash


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