19 Reasons Why 2019 Will Be Breathtaking

Last week, I openly shared what actually happened with my 2018 goals.

It was uncomfortable for me. Because I like to keep my word. Do what I say and say what I do.

And I didn’t meet all of what I was aiming for last year.

Even when I didn’t accomplish an item on the list, I still can see where the opportunity lies moving forward.

So, I’m doing it again.

Sharing with you, my loving, supportive, badass community what exactly I plan to get up to in 2019.

  1. Work with more clients than ever before (my top is 56 in one year)
  2. Take a road trip through the Pacific Northwest
  3. Continue to meet clients and business friends IN-PERSON
  4. Become a guest posting fanatic (yep, I’m putting it on the list again)
  5. Attend two business events to meet and connect with fellow business owners
  6. Hire an assistant to help with my business day-to-day
  7. More cookie baking with my adorable niece
  8. Double my income!
  9. Book at least one massage for myself per quarter
  10. Join my great friends as they celebrate a new chapter in their lives (Cannot wait C+S!)
  11. Do a better job of staying in touch with the people in my circle
  12. Get better at being on camera and having my true personality come through in videos
  13. Be more mindful of my personal energy container (my default is really closed off and I want to have it be more open this year)
  14. Cook at least one new plant-based recipe each month
  15. Read one personal or professional development
  16. Take a yoga class
  17. Ask more and better questions when working with clients – “Is this a time to ask or a time to tell?” (h/t to Nayla for the prompt)
  18. Love on clients even more and show them a whole new level of support and encouragement
  19. Mentor our team members
  20. Do one thing that scares me each and every week

19 plus 1 for good measure.

It’s your turn.

You don’t need to make a list of 19 or even 9 items.

Just focus on what’s most important to you.

At the end of 2019, what do you want to say you’ve accomplished?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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