It’s a Wrap… or a Recap? Here’s What Really Happened Last Year

Toward the beginning of last year, I publicly declared the 18 things I wanted to do in 2018 to totally ROCK THE YEAR!

Since I’m all about honesty and transparency, I want to share my update with you on what happened, what didn’t and what is still on the radar…

  1. Throw one heck of a 10th anniversary celebration!
    Well, this item didn’t happen. As the date got closer, my husband and I realized, we didn’t want a party. It’s not really our style. We’re more low-key, prefer to celebrate with each other and maybe a handful of our nearest and dearest.
  2. Work with my mentor in new totally new way to support her business
    You bet this happened! And it launched my client work in a totally new trajectory. More on that in the coming weeks.
  3. Travel to finally meet my clients in-person (although we talk so often, I feel like I’ve already met them face-to-face)
    This item was accomplished and then some. I met all of my current clients in-person, plus some past clients and a few soon-to-be clients. I loved it some much that I’m aiming to do it all over again this year.
  4. Become a guest posting fanatic
    So, hmm… this action did not happen. Like at all.
  5. Take a luxurious, restorative vacation at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
    YES! It made me realize that restorative breaks are key to my business success. And when you go out of the country and log completely off, the world doesn’t fall off its axis.
  6. Support my clients in their aims for some really large business goals
    You bet! My clients met their 2018 goals and then some and it was beautiful to be a part of.
  7. Find a new business event to attend (have my eye on this one!)
    Yep, but it wasn’t the business event I had my eye on. Instead, I opted to go to a smaller, more intimate event which suits my introvertedness a bit more.
  8. Spend more time with my niece who seems to be growing up way too fast
    This was a so-so accomplishment, in that I don’t think I spent MORE time with her, but as she’s growing up and developing more and more of her delightful personality, the quality has definitely been elevated. We closed out the year by baking cookies together in our pajamas. It was adorable and so messy.
  9. Join Seth Godin’s altMBA program
    Did it! I’ve written about this accomplishment and I’ll say it again – sometimes the result you get isn’t what you expect but it’s exactly what you need.
  10. Get my style on point so that my exterior matches how awesome I feel inside
    Nailed it! I was super hesitant about this item because it felt too self-indulgent. Now, I can report that it totally worked. I showed up for my clients and myself in a new way, with new energy that allowed me to take charge of projects and meetings.
  11. Up my leadership skills
    Yes, yes, yes, I stretched myself here, taking on new leadership roles with all of my clients and our teams. And what I found is that this is the work that truly lights me up.
  12. Continue meeting with a weekly mastermind group
    I don’t think I can quite call this one done because we don’t meet weekly, but I am a part of two mastermind groups – one meets monthly and the other quarterly.
  13. Become a plant-based ninja in the kitchen
    Oh, this one fell by the wayside in 2018. I continued to cook and bake with plant-based recipes, but let’s just say that the creativity element was missing from my kitchen.
  14. Taper my content consumption unless it’s directly related to a specific area of growth or a knowledge gap that I need bridge in order to complete a task or project
    Completed! It still feel like a relief. And I’ve re-fallen in love with books.
  15. Set aside time each day to watch and work on my mindset (this one is non-negotiable!)
    Oh, this was one that I did but not in the way I expected. I thought I’d sit down and journal or do thought work, but I’ve found that the simple act of having “self-coaching” on my calendar as a daily appointment as a reminder and then digging into the deep thought work when needed, is enough for me right now.
  16. Do less and delegate more in my own business and on my clients’ teams
    Yep, so I did this more on my clients’ team – Yay! And totally failed at it in my own business.
  17. Go on at least one road trip getaway with our lovable pups
    We did not necessarily complete this item. But, happy to report that we finally found a way to take car rides with our pups and not have either one be anxious or throw up. It was quite the WIN in our household.
  18. Stretch my strategic brain
    Darn, I really hate this goal because I realize, it is super squishy. What does it even mean? I’m going to say it wasn’t totally accomplished because I can’t call to mind any examples where I met this goal.
  19. Continue to learn about business + life from my clients and team members (they’re some of my best teachers)
    Heck yeah this was a winner. My clients and team members are my best teachers for sure and continue to inspire me to be a better human, business owner and friend each and every day.
  20. Find a new dog sitter, so that those travels plans can happen
    Mission accomplished! We love Katie and I think our dogs love her even more. The relief and peace of mind of having a true professional involved in a very important part of our life is beyond words.

Take a few moments to think back on last year.

What worked?

What didn’t?

What are you going to do differently this year?

Photo by Jodi Herrling of Jodi B Herrling Photography


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