Lindsay Gomez

Before branching out with my own business, I spent over 10 years in the office products industry developing consumer products. In fact I worked for my family’s business and was planning to take over the company in the future with my siblings. But funny how plans usually have more twists and turns then you anticipate…. It was the desire to help people on a more personal level that led me from the corporate world to my work with small businesses. Although my career and life goals changed, my work in office products truly shaped and developed my love for the aesthetic and branding, the need to always provide a superior customer experience and it is where I honed my 1:1 management skills, by working with co-workers, customers and outside vendors. As someone who works with online businesses, my clients vary dramatically at times, but my #1 love is to work with coaches – life, business, career, leadership. Why you may ask? Well, the work that coaches facilitate is so deeply personal to me. They are the people that pulled me from a really bad professional and personal situation. (Remember how I said I worked for my family’s business, well unhappiness at work quickly invaded all aspects of my life.) My life coach made me see that I had amazing talents to share with the world. And here I am today… loving my work again! When not providing amazing client care (and performing the occasional magic trick or two), you can find me taking a stroll with my super supportive husband and our two rescue pups, catching a Gilmore Girls or Kitchen Nightmares marathon, or geeking out over all things organization.

How to Plan a Life

My friend’s son is turning ‘1’ next week and in lieu of presents, she’s asked us, friends and family, to write a letter to her son in the future. It’s part of a time capsule that he’ll open on his 18th birthday. I loved the idea instantly. And then I dragged my feet almost a month to write the letter. Each time I thought about it, I got overwhelmed. What would I say to this little boy who’ll then be a young man. So much could and will change in his life in 17 years. I mean, 17 years ago, […]

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Try this simple trick to ALWAYS be prepared

Knowing where I needed to be and when was never much of an issue in the corporate world. Meetings were almost always held in-person in the same building every time. And, lucky me, my office was located just outside the main conference room. Usually, someone would pop into my office on their way into the meeting room and ask if I was ready. I’m naturally a pretty punctual person, preferring to have a 5-10 minute buffer when driving to meet someone, but there I also had the added benefit of human meeting reminders in the form of my coworkers. It was pretty […]

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Have writer’s block? Here’s how to bust through it

So many times, clients and colleagues will tell me that they WANT to write, but they… … don’t know where to start. … don’t feel inspired. … don’t have anything to say that ‘hasn’t already been said before’. I want to acknowledge that yes, writing is hard. And yes, these are mental hurdles standing in your way. But being uncomfortable with the thought of putting yourself out there does not let you off the hook of engaging with your audience. Instead try this! Next time you need to sit down to write a new blog post, don’t write it down […]

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Need to find balance? Find your opposite.

Systems, routines and schedules. My entire life runs on them. I’m an INTJ so seeing systems and how they function and can make things more efficient and productive is something that comes naturally to me. And up until recently, I had a lot of ‘manuals’ for all the people in my life – parents, friends, coworkers, even the store clerk at Trader Joe’s. There was a specific way I wanted all of these people to show up and function within my life narrative. You know what doesn’t come naturally to me, spontaneity, living in the moment, going off script. It terrifies […]

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The messy truth about gratitude

I have a confession – I’ve been pushing myself H.A.R.D. And not just over the last few months. It’s been a grind over the last several years. At one point in my life, all aspects were in Square One of Martha Beck’s Change Cycle. Yes – career, family, friends, health, money, fun, self-fulfillment – every major part of my life felt like it was in disarray. And I’m not one to thrive in chaos. It didn’t feel okay. Let’s just say, that wasn’t a pleasant time for me. Over the past year, the pieces have started to fall into place. […]

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Two Secrets to a Productive Day

We all have LOTS we want to get done within any given day, right? You want to be efficient. You want to be creative. You want to be mindful and intentional. You don’t want to feel like you’re always putting out fires. When I work with clients to be more productive, there are two actions I frequently recommend. They may sound too simple to even be a topic of conversation. But as our culture moves towards the mindset of go-go-go, achieve more and more, don’t soak in the current glory and only look to the next BIG goal on the horizon, it’s […]

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Is your web contact form hurting your business?

Let’s talk bad customer service when on the interwebs. Did you know it can take six to eight touches before a client decides to buy from you? Sometimes those touches come in the form of interacting in your Facebook group or reading your weekly newsletter or taking part in your recent challenge. On the flip side, there are times when a person knows that they want to work with you, but have a few questions before getting started. This is an extremely captive audience and this is your chance to WOW that person. Unfortunately…. I see so many business owners squander this […]

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My Exact To-Do List Method

As a self-professed systems and organization geek, I’m often told how ‘together’ I am. Even in my corporate days, when I had dozens of products in various stages of the development cycle, coworkers would often tell me how calm I appeared amidst the chaos. Today, fellow entrepreneurs frequently ask me how I manage to keep tasks and projects humming along within my own business, as well as multiple client businesses. I’m a huge proponent of learning and feel you never truly stop, and not just from industry leaders or big brands, but from others in my space as well. And […]

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