Lindsay Gomez

Before branching out with my own business, I spent over 10 years in the office products industry developing consumer products. In fact I worked for my family’s business and was planning to take over the company in the future with my siblings. But funny how plans usually have more twists and turns then you anticipate…. It was the desire to help people on a more personal level that led me from the corporate world to my work with small businesses. Although my career and life goals changed, my work in office products truly shaped and developed my love for the aesthetic and branding, the need to always provide a superior customer experience and it is where I honed my 1:1 management skills, by working with co-workers, customers and outside vendors. As someone who works with online businesses, my clients vary dramatically at times, but my #1 love is to work with coaches – life, business, career, leadership. Why you may ask? Well, the work that coaches facilitate is so deeply personal to me. They are the people that pulled me from a really bad professional and personal situation. (Remember how I said I worked for my family’s business, well unhappiness at work quickly invaded all aspects of my life.) My life coach made me see that I had amazing talents to share with the world. And here I am today… loving my work again! When not providing amazing client care (and performing the occasional magic trick or two), you can find me taking a stroll with my super supportive husband and our two rescue pups, catching a Gilmore Girls or Kitchen Nightmares marathon, or geeking out over all things organization.


today i am heartbroken and sad and angry and frustrated. i woke up this morning wanting to rip my brain out of my head, make myself micro-sized and hide under the biggest pile of blankets i could find. i’ve spent the morning in tears (which came a total shock to me). as a small business owner, i know i’ll likely lose my healthcare and my household income could take a hit but my worry is deeper than finances and even health. i’m so deeply disturbed that so many people sided with hate yesterday. there’s people out there not willing to […]

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Business Tools I Love: Time Chunking

Today I want to tell you about this amazing productivity tool I use with the most unsexy of names – Time Chunking. Well, unless you’re talking about a chunk of dark chocolate being savored with a roasty, malty stout… then a ‘chunk’ is all sorts of sensuous goodness. Time Chunking works like this – you chunk out time (minutes, hours) on your schedule to focus solely on a specific task. It could be putting together next month’s social media posts or decluttering your inbox. You work for that set period of time, not until the task is finished (which could […]

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The First Step to Being More Productive

Do you often get to the end of your day and wonder “what did I do today?” You look back at your to-do list and, yes, it has a lot of check marks … buy bananas write blog post schedule social media for the month … but did you tackle the big items on the list? Those that will reap dividends in the future, will allow you to ship that much sooner, will give you the courage to stop playing small. In our culture, we’ve gotten into a pattern of unproductive busyness. We wear busyness as a badge of honor. […]

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What To Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything

Lately I’ve felt burnout, exhausted, dog-tired. I’ve been running a marathon for over two years, first it was juggling a full-time job plus a side gig, which then became my new full time career (yep – this business). Within 2 weeks of taking my little side hustle full time, my client roster was full. I was ecstatic… until it came time to build my business. After taking care of my clients, I sometimes feel like I’m back to having two jobs, with the added pressure of the success of both being squarely on me. There are days I feel like […]

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Tell Me About What You Need

When my grandmother moved from her home to an assisted care facility, it was not an easy decision for the family. She was resistant to losing her independence. We didn’t know what to expect from these facilities. After seeing her unhappy in her new living situation and not loving her home, my aunt and uncle (who were spearheading her care decisions) didn’t know what to do next. My grandmother couldn’t take care of herself in her big home, so moving home wasn’t an option, but she was deeply unhappy where she was. They visited dozens of senior care facilities, but none were […]

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Why Do We Resist What We Ultimately Crave?

Each day, I find myself resisting. I feel resistance when I think about going to the gym or not eating that chocolate covered almond or spending a luxuriously, lazy 20 minutes reading. Instead of doing, I escape through busywork or tv or Facebook. I feel the hesitation and instead of letting the feeling pass through me, I avoid it like … fill in the blank with that one thing you avoid more than anything – Aunt Velma’s fruit cake at Christmas, your neighbor’s friendly suggestion to use their son to mow your lawn. Three things I resist BIG TIME: Writing […]

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Business Tools I Love: Apple Notes

I admit it – I’m an Apple-lover! Yep, I have a Mac and iPhone to keep my business growing and in contact with all things outside my house and Apple TV to stream Netflix-a-thons on (my recent indulgence – Parenthood). And, even though the tools and tips I recommend have been tested over and over to know they are amazing, I’m breaking my rule to tell you about my love of Apple Notes! I’ve always used the note-taking app to jot down quick notes here and there, without needing to open my computer, which can set off a twitch to want […]

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How I Use Boomerang to Enforce MY Boundaries

If you hang around here often, you’ll know I love Boomerang, the email scheduling app for Gmail. It’s like my very own personal inbox assistant, who handily reminds me at just the right time that I need to follow-up on some piece of correspondence. And it helps me preschedule important emails to go out at just the right time. But I have a dirty little secret… … Boomerang also helps me enforce my boundaries on my time. As The Photographer likes to joke, I don’t have an ‘off’ switch. I sometimes find it hard to unplug and stop working. But […]

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