Lindsay Gomez

Before branching out with my own business, I spent over 10 years in the office products industry developing consumer products. In fact I worked for my family’s business and was planning to take over the company in the future with my siblings. But funny how plans usually have more twists and turns then you anticipate…. It was the desire to help people on a more personal level that led me from the corporate world to my work with small businesses. Although my career and life goals changed, my work in office products truly shaped and developed my love for the aesthetic and branding, the need to always provide a superior customer experience and it is where I honed my 1:1 management skills, by working with co-workers, customers and outside vendors. As someone who works with online businesses, my clients vary dramatically at times, but my #1 love is to work with coaches – life, business, career, leadership. Why you may ask? Well, the work that coaches facilitate is so deeply personal to me. They are the people that pulled me from a really bad professional and personal situation. (Remember how I said I worked for my family’s business, well unhappiness at work quickly invaded all aspects of my life.) My life coach made me see that I had amazing talents to share with the world. And here I am today… loving my work again! When not providing amazing client care (and performing the occasional magic trick or two), you can find me taking a stroll with my super supportive husband and our two rescue pups, catching a Gilmore Girls or Kitchen Nightmares marathon, or geeking out over all things organization.

Let’s Get Selfish

The word ‘selfish’ gets a bad rep, right?  The reason being, the very words conjure up images of greed, ego, arrogance. Looking out only for yourself and always putting yourself before others. Part of that is true. You should be aware of your surroundings and other people.  But not to your own detriment.  What happens is that people confuse ‘selfish’ with ‘self-centered’ behavior. Selfish is when you’re concerned primarily with your own interests. Self-centered is when you’re concerned solely with your own interests. That one change in word, from primarily to solely makes all the difference.  Yet we have the […]

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You’re Going to Fail… and that’s OK

The other day, I woke to an email from a fairly high-ranking business professional, touting their new book about not failing when it comes to communication in business.  While I haven’t read the book yet and can’t comment specifically on its methods and strategies, it did get me thinking about the concept of failing.  Or rather, not failing.  We want what’s going to be fun, fast and easy.  But here’s the rub.  When it comes to interacting with other people, there isn’t a way not to fail.  Let me say that again. There is not a way NOT to fail […]

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Working at Home… Crowded House edition

No, this isn’t a post about the 80’s rock band from Australia.  Although, while we’re on the subject, some of their lyrics are especially poignant and relevant almost 35 years later. But let’s get back to our topic because there’s more bodies in your home on a daily basis right now.  It was challenging at times to get your day in order when it was just you and the dog at home running your business.  Now, even the thought of getting yourself back on track feels like an impossible feat.  I know.  That’s why I’m sharing 5 guideposts to keep […]

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What’s the Opportunity in a Pandemic?

Let’s talk about Opportunity right now.  Because on a daily basis, people are telling me that NOW (all caps for emphasis and yes, that’s how they’re all being written) is the perfect time to… … breakthrough on your back-burnered projects.… hire for your team (it’s an employer’s market after all).… build your brand.… change careers.… eat less meat and animal-based products. … lose 15 pounds.… start a house walking practice.… find a new hobby.… work on your own personal development. Oh my gosh, make it stop. Because this time in our history, where we’re on a collective pause, doesn’t mean we […]

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Do THIS in Your Business Right Now Instead

Last time, we talked about Control and how it’s definitely one concept you want to immediately ditch in your business. Not just for right now, given current world events, but forever.  Because control is an illusion, one that tricks you into thinking you can 100% predict an outcome.  And the funny thing that comes along with that trickery is that we fool ourselves into expecting that exact, specific result.  We allow no room for flexibility or wonder or being taken down a different, more inviting path.  Please stop. Give up the need to control it all.  And let’s talk about […]

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1 Thing to Ditch in Your Biz Right Now (and Forever)

I’m just going to say it AGAIN and I know most other people, brands, and companies are saying it, too – there’s a lot that’s uncertain in our lives this moment: What’s going to happen over the coming weeks and months? How’s our world going to shift? What changes will come out of this to accommodate a new level of normal? What will we actually settle into? And what will my hair look like when I get to the salon next? We’re all in new normals right now with us not being able to go out whenever and wherever we […]

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I Had To Put My Mask On First

You might have noticed that I’m posting this on a different day and time then what you’re used to. Oh, and that you didn’t hear from me at all last week.  I wasn’t ignoring what was going on around the world.  It’s that I had to put on my own mask first.  The very short of it is that I was on vacation while the pandemic was declared and got stuck on a cruise ship that was rerouted 1100 miles. We made it home two days later than anticipated to then be placed in a 14-day at-home quarantine. And now […]

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Just Say NO

I’m getting straight to the point today.  Because I’m a straight shooter and you know I like to tell it straight up in a no-nonsense way. The reason you’re constantly running yourself ragged, plowing through one unfilling project after the next and sitting in countless snooze-fests, also known as meetings, is because you’re not doing it right.  The “it” I’m referring to is your ability to say “No.” You’re so preoccupied with what other people might think if you turn down that seemingly fabulous invitation.  Or overly concerning yourself of what others are doing and if they’re doing IGTV, so […]

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