Embrace the Darn Boundaries, Already

I talk a lot about adding structure around your time and systems in your operations which sounds restrictive to many people.

Because you didn’t create your business to adhere to a schedule and be a slave to technology. 

I hear you. I didn’t either. 


there’s freedom in the boundaries you set up for yourself in your business. 

It’s gloriously liberating to have a routine for your day and always onboard a client in the same way and say “no” to a prospect that isn’t a fit for your work and let go of the underperforming assistant. 

Structure gives you context for what opportunities to say a wholehearted “YES” to and what decisions to give a clear “No” to.

It has you speaking to someone instead of speaking to everyone (which is really a synonym for no one). 

It allows you to do less and create more in your business than you have before. 

It helps you turn off for the day so that you can be fully present with your daughter during Taco Tuesday night. 

It keeps you on the path of your business vision, rather than falling prey to Shiny Object Syndrome.

It gives you a container in which to throw the ball around and try new strategies.

It tells you when it’s time to raise your prices and what the dollar amount will be.

It gives clarity to your team of how to answer a client support email rather than pinging you each and every time.  

It helps you take that much needed time away from your business during the summer to unplug and unwind.

It allows you to make quicker, smarter decisions that support your business vision.

And then when an opportunity comes your way that’s so incredible that your heart flutters and you can’t contain your excitement and that isn’t within your boundaries, you can intentionally break the rules.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming from me? 

Yes, I’m all for breaking the rules, as long as you truly understand the rules and why they’re in place. 

Then, be clear you do the rule breaking with intentionality, not just for the sake of it. (Rebels, I’m looking at you.)

Where do have a boundaries gap in your business? By closing that gap, what will it free up for you to create next? 

Fill me in below.



Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash


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