Are Your Expectations in Line with Reality?

You’ve started to make traction in your business, only to stall out. 

You’ve told everyone you know about your business. 

And continue to put yourself out there to meet new people and get in front of the right people who you know need your special gift. 

Yet, you’re unhappy. 

It’s sooooo much more time and energy than you expected.

And your journey isn’t moving nearly as fast as you thought it would. 

Want to know why your business isn’t everything you thought it would be?

First, check your expectations. 

Are they realistic? Do you want to make $123k in your first year as a coach? If so, do you know what you need to do to attain that goal? If not, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. 

Yes, there are unicorn stories out there of people who made six figures in their first year doing nothing more than letting the magic of Facebook ads do their thing. But to achieve that level of revenue in the first year providing 1-1 services, you need to understand what specific actions to take and take them consistently.

That’s right, you need to take the actions. Not a special algorithm. You. 

Next, do you have a plan and systems in place to get you where you want to go?

Going back to knowing what you need to do, which means, you need to have a plan. A document that outlines what you should do in your business each and every day to reach your goal. 

Do you have it?

No? Make one today. 

And, is your business set up to support that plan? 

Your business doesn’t need to be overly complex. 

You don’t need a CRM when a simple spreadsheet will do. 

You don’t need Ontraport when you’re only sending out a weekly newsletter. 

But if you don’t have some basic systems in place, like how you’re going to onboard a new client, accept payments, schedule sessions, communicate with prospects, you’re going to be bump into speed bumps all along the way. 

And let’s be honest, there are already enough speed bumps along the way, like consults that go awry and mental drama that comes up. 

Do yourself a favor and do what you can to keep it simple, clear and streamlined.

Third, have you sought outside help?

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you cannot go it alone. This was a hard-learned lesson for me. 

I’ve been simultaneously praised and called out for my independence. And it could only get me so far in my business journey. 

I needed support from those outside of myself to help me reach my next level and the one after that and the one after that. 

My support along the way has included: a life coach, a business coach, four masterminds, a mentor, a handful of business besties, my husband, my parents, my sister and our two adorable pups (who are always ready to lighten the mood).

If you’ve genuinely tried all of the above, my hunch is that some aspect isn’t truly being addressed. 

Get real with yourself, like makeup off, messy bun, mismatched pajamas level of truth telling about how you’re running your business. 

Go back and see if you can spot where your blindspot is. 

If not, post below with where you’re getting stuck and I’ll help you out.



Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash


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