“Yeah, but…” and Other Business Untruths

I spent four days in Corvallis, Oregon getting my mind freaking blown by the most amazing humans on the planet.

Ever been in a room filled with people and although you don’t know everyone and aren’t sure where the day will lead you, feel totally and completely at home and safe and supported and loved?

That’s exactly what happened at Make It Work Online™ LIVE, hosted by my mentor Jenny Shih.

There were countless aha’s and insights about running an online business popping up every which way.

And I wanted to bring to you the top four mind-busters that are total game-changers in stepping into the next version of business owner we all aim to be.

1. Use your head to execute what your heart wants.

We can’t think our way to where we want to go, as much as we want to.

The head alone can take you many places, but at some point, we reach a block. A wall that can only be conquered when we listen to and acknowledge what our body and soul want for us.

Once we tap into that inner knowing of what we truly want to be doing in our business, the lives we’re compelled to change, we are unstoppable.

2. We all have gaps that are preventing us from reaching the next level.

Wherever we’re aiming, our gaps fall into one of these buckets:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • action
  • mindset
  • belief
  • rest
  • surrender
  • play

Most people think their gap is in knowledge, skills or action. This usually shows up as, “I just need to that get one course and I’ll have it.”

But what we actually need is more belief, rest, surrender and/or play. It’s the fuel for the rest.

I realized my gap is SURRENDER.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

3. Take “Yeah, but…” out of the vocabulary.

Us humans are funny, funny creatures.

We have a brilliant idea and then a nanosecond later, tell ourselves a story of how the idea isn’t possible.

“I want to work with nonprofit leaders looking to do it differently. Yeah, but they’ll never listen to someone who isn’t already a ‘success’ in their world.”

“I know I could do more in my business if I just had a little help. Yeah, but I can’t afford to hire anyone.”

“I want to make six-figures being a life coach. Yeah, but people won’t actually pay for me to help them feel better.”

“I can change the world through helping executives better navigate difficult conversations. Yeah, but that’s too soft and I can’t provide a direct ROI on my services.”

When the “yeah, but” creeps in, just STOP. Stop letting the narrative continue on.

Instead, ask yourself, “What is the very next step in front of me?” and take it.

4. Decouple those things in your life and business that are really unattached.

Stop making attachments to two unconnected items in your business, like list size and income size, self-worth and revenue.

Untangle them from another because one isn’t make meaning for the other.

Look at each piece separately.

Which of these can you start integrating in your business today? Share it below.



Photo by Darlene Hawley


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