Stop Going It Alone (+ Are You Missing Out?)

Later this summer, I’ll hit the 5-year mark in my business.

Yes, my business is my name. And there’s the appearance that I’m doing it all on my own.

But I didn’t do it alone.

To get to where I am today, which is intensely joyous, deeply grateful and blowing my own mind at every damn turn, I purposefully put supports into place to help along the way.

A business coach.
A leadership coach.
Multiple masterminds of similarly driven business owners.
A lovely assistant who has my back.
A super small circle of trusted friends.
A roster of badass clients who care about me as a person as well as a member of their teams.
The most supportive, encouraging life partner I could have found.
Two lovable dogs to provide midday laughs.
Very strong and firm boundaries.
Getting comfortable saying “no” … a lot.
Believing in my ability to do scary things, especially when I’m not sure what the result will be.
Daily thought-watching and self-coaching.
Intentional time in my day to do absolutely nothing.
Continuing to ask questions of myself and the world around me.
Once-a-month house cleaning.

I want you to know this because there’s a paradox in the online business world that each venture is a one-person show and that person gets the glory AND it’s lonely to work solely behind a screen from anywhere in the world.

It’s just not true.

Everyone has help. Everyone has support.

The key is knowing when the supports help you get back up after a fall and when they keep you from leaping to your next level.

What supports do you have in place to reach your business goals? Where is there an opportunity to strengthen your support system?

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Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

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