Is Your Brain Keeping You Small (and From Success)?

Our brains are hardwired for connection, according to Brené Brown.

It isn’t only connection to one another that we crave, it’s connection of the puzzle pieces of life that we see in front of us.

And in the absence of perfect data (which is always the case), we look for patterns in our past experiences and make up stories to fill in the gaps and bridge those connections.

Unfortunately, our stories are being written in a nanosecond by our amygdala.

This is the part of our brain that wants to keep us safe.

When you run a business, safety looks an awful lot like smallness.

We purposefully stop ourselves from playing BIG, as my friend Carol likes to put it.

So, our stories end up sounding a heck of a lot like …

What if I fail?
What if it doesn’t work out?
What if that podcast host laughs at me because I pitched to be on the show?
What if I say the wrong thing to my assistant and she leaves?
What if that top-tier coach says ‘no’ to my interview request?
What if I mess up the tech for my webinar?
What if the client isn’t satisfied?
What if I don’t pick the right name for my company?
What if I sign up with the wrong email marketing platform?
What if no one buys my book?
What if my family never gets what I do?
What if I’m asked for a refund because the client is unhappy?

The thing is, when we become aware of what’s going on and interrupt our default behavior, we get to rewrite our stories so that they can become…

What if it totally clicks into place?
What if I aim for six figures this year and reach it?
What if I shoot for seven figures?
What if I set my sights on eight figures and beyond?
What if I aim to delight each and every client?
What if it doesn’t matter too much what I name my company (and the domain I purchase)?
What if I lead by example for the business owners coming up after me?
What if the podcast host says, “we’d love to have you on the show”?
What if I follow what my heart says instead of what my head does?
What if I put myself first?
What if I finally say ‘yes’ to that 9:00 am yoga class?
What if the top-tier coach says, “I’d love to”?
What if I write that book and tell my story?
What if I change the world?

What’s one story that you can re-write today and chose to PLAY BIG?



Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


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