“No pain no cake.”

“No pain no cake.”

Years ago I read an interview with Sofia Vergara, the highest-paid TV actress who stars on Modern Family.

She mentioned that that was her mantra.

You see, she likes her baked goods AND her curves.

So in order to have one, she needs to also do the other.

It can’t be all cake all the time.

And in business, it isn’t all FUN all the time.

There’s the work to put in to get to the fun stuff.

Answering emails.

Sending invoices.

Pitching websites.

Troubleshooting technology.

Training your team.

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Writing the weekly newsletter when you just aren’t feeling it.


Then, a client has a breakthrough during a session.

Your article is published on that high-profile, far-reaching website.

Your most favorite client sends you best referral ever.

You work only four days in the week so that you can volunteer every Friday.

So, what’s your “cake”?

What’s the “pain” you’re willing to go through to get to it?


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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