Have a Fear? Investigate it.

We’ve been talking about moving the needle in your business.

The specific actions you take to take the next step in front of you to actually drive towards your business goals.

When you take the action, you likely feel a little friction, as my friend Stephanie says.

It’s exactly what Steven Pressfield talks about in The War of Art.

Gay Hendricks refers to it as an Upper Limit Problem in his book, The Big Leap.

You’re reaching for the tippy-top and want to bust through it.

I’m not here to tell you to merely “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

I don’t think that’s a complete statement.

What gets glossed over all the time is in the “and” part.

“And” is really where the magic happens, where the gold lies.

The part of “feel the fear” is wonderful because it’s the point where you become aware of what’s going on, feel that resistance, notice the thoughts that are popping up.

The first step is always awareness.

“Do it anyway” is the tactical part where you take the action. Awesome!

But the middle part, the conjunction of the sentence, the “and”, is where you get to take a light and shine it on those fears.

You get to get really clear on the resistance, not stuffing it down, not pretending it doesn’t exist.

You feel into that thought, leaning into it, dissecting it, getting clear on what thought might be impeding your progress.

You want to come to your action-taking with positive energy and intention.

Clean confidence that the action is going to work and if it doesn’t, you’re going to learn from it and know what to do different next time.

When you feel that friction right before you go to take an action, where do you actually feel it in your body?

Maybe it’s a rock in the pit of your stomach or a tightness in your chest, as if an elephant is using you as a chair.

What can you do to pause in the moment and not attach meaning to what you’re thinking and feeling?

Not make it mean you’re going to fail or you don’t have enough information to continue on.

What might you do to investigate your fear?

How can you shine a light it?


Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

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