Work-Life Balance Isn’t About BALANCE

The other day, I received a women’s lifestyle wear catalog.

You know the kind that has the most yummy looking yoga wear that you can also wear while grocery shopping and picking up the kids from school and magically look fabulous and not at all out of place everywhere you go?

Yep, one of those companies.

But this issue was different.

Instead of featuring models in their gear, they opened with a statement about work-life balance. And showed real women in their clothing at work and play.

And no, it wasn’t the typical, you can have it all and it’ll all be effortless and you’ll look fabulous doing it all you see on social media.

They took a different approach.

And I thought of you, dear reader, because I know how you started your business to have the flexibility and freedom to be great in both life and work.

To make a difference.

To change lives.

But, then you felt the push-pull set in.

The question about which was more important, being there for your child’s play date or scheduling your latest newsletter.

Here’s the thing – you can do both… but maybe you do it differently.

Because it’s time to re-imagine your work life and your life life.

It doesn’t need to be a tug of war between two ends of a spectrum.

And you don’t need to be here or there.

Blend it together.

Instead of one or the other. Either or.

Integrate one into the other.

This business of having your own successful business is PERSONAL.

It’s okay to intermingle the two.

It’s fluid.

Have one experience influence the other. And have fun.

How might you integrate one with the other?


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


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