The Secret to FINALLY Taking That Vacation (Even if You’re a Solo Shop)

When was the last time you took a vacation?

Like totally unplugged from running your business?

Really, has it been that long?

I know, it’s really tough to build a business, keep all the balls in the air and even allow the thought of stepping away for a few luxurious days enter your mind.

It’s not an impossible feat, and one, many people including myself, will tell you is vital to the success of your very business.

So how do you do it?

  1. Tell your clients and add an out-of-the-office auto-reply to your email. It might seem stuffy or “corporate”, but your clients will appreciate the transparency and not think you’ve abandoned them.
  2. Write and schedule your blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts for the time you’re away, including one week after you get back
  3. Make sure any vital operational systems are in place. Are your payment processor and online scheduler working?
  4. If you have an assistant, make sure she’s trained on how to handle the types of issues that might come up in your absence. If it feels right, make sure she knows how to get in contact with you if there’s an emergency. And if you don’t have an assistant, double check that #1 and #3 are set-up.

But the real secret to making it all happen – GET IT ON THE CALENDAR.

Decide on a destination and book it!

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you figure out how to tell your clients you’ll be unreachable for a week, or preschedule a month’s worth of blog posts, or trust your assistant to know what to do, once you have the dates on the calendar and the air itinerary confirmed.

Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.
―Kobi Yamada

It’s no different here.

You’ve built the business you’ve always dreamed about. Now create a life you love, too.

Photo by Farsai C. on Unsplash

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