Measure YOUR Progress for Success

There’s this bit of advice that keeps popping up. 

An idea about one major key to success. 

When a nugget of truth continually gets on my radar, I know it’s time to listen. 

And because I love this community so freakin’ much and want nothing more than for your business to reach the stratosphere, I’m sharing it here. 


If you genuinely want to succeed in your business, there is one simple step to take…

Stay in your lane. 

Run your own race. 

Or in other words – measure your progress and your progress alone. 

Super simple but sort of difficult to execute on. 

But here’s why it’s so important. 

Let’s say you’ve just taken up running. You have your new gear and a full playlist to keep you jamming while you hit your stride (pun totally intended). You’re ready to make this venture into running a benefit for your body and mind. 

How do you measure if you’re getting faster in your pace? If you’re able to run further, faster and longer?

It isn’t going to be by gauging your per-mile pace against that of an Olympic athlete. Because at this stage in the game, that number is meaningless to your individual growth.

No, you’re going to record your progress from run to run and then measure your pace against yourself. 

That’s the metric that matters – your pace. Not the pace of Flo-Jo.

First, decide on your metric. What the heck do you want to measure that’s meaningful to you? Will it be number of clients or happiness of your team or innovation of new ideas that drive growth?

Then, set an interval to review your progression that will allow you to notice changes and improvements. It might be week-to-week or month-to-month.

Keep running your own race. I’m cheering you on every step of the way.



Photo by Ev on Unsplash


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