Permission Slips and Next Steps

Maybe that NEXT BIG THING feels slightly out of reach.

Or just not quite doable… yet.

What is it?

Write it down on paper… 

I, [insert your name], give myself permission to [insert that big, hairy, scary thing]. You can do it! Now, let’s get started!

Much of the work I do with clients is giving them permission to say ‘no’ to a class or project that’s totally dragging them down.

Or permission to work on their writing first thing in the morning.

Or permission to not do any client work until the late afternoon hours.

Or permission to check their email only twice a day… and only on weekdays.

We get so used to doing things the way we think they’re supposed to be done that we forget to really take in and fully live the idea that we get to decide. You get to be the boss of YOU.

But, I get it, it feels simpler to tackle that big, hairy, scary thing if we have the go-ahead from someone outside of ourselves.

Someone who tells us that, yes, we can decide to never take an unscheduled business call and send all of them to voicemail.

Or, yes, you can totally aim for publishing 10 guest posts in the next six months.

And, yea, pitch that huge podcast that you love listening to and would love even more to be a guest on.

Whoa… that sounds pretty, empowering, no?

What do you want to have accomplished in your business in the next three months, six months, twelve months?

What do you need permission to do next to achieve that?

Bonus points for posting below and sharing it with me.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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