Excuse Me – You Need to Check That

Have you ever done something in your business and you were so sure of the outcome and then … it falls completely FLAT?

Like, you post the most incredible Instagram story and are sure you’ll get you hundreds of new followers, and nothing happens.

Or, you spend 10 hours connecting with people at local networking events and are sure dozens of people are interested in your work, only to come with no traction, no referral partners, leads, new subscribers?

Or, host a webinar for your community and 20 people show up and no one takes you up on your pitch at the end?

What do you do?

You pull back and check your assumptions.

Are they reasonable?

Because the thing is, we can’t have perfect information all the time.

And we don’t have a way to be 100% certain of every outcome and result. (Let’s all agree that if that’s the case and with have 100% certainty about the result, we’re doing something wrong. Our businesses won’t change lives.)

Yes, you need to make educated guesses and it’s okay for some elements if your business to be predictable.

That is all totally okay.

But when you feel that disappointment that something didn’t work out as you hoped, find a way to check what assumptions you’re making.

What we’re talking about here are the expectations you’re making before you even get started.

And many times, they’re setting you up for pure disappointment.

So, ask someone ask your mastermind group.

Or business bestie.

Or me – I’d love to help you there.

Where are you letting your assumptions drive the bus in your business?

Oh, and about those assumptions up top.

How do they fare on the “reasonable – unreasonable” scale?

  1. Unreasonable
  2. Reasonable
  3. This one tiptoes between Reasonable and Unreasonable – tell me more.

Did any of those surprise you?


Photo by RawPixel on Unsplash


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