Top 10 Lessons That Have Revolutionized My Business

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary and in celebration of this milestone, I’m sharing the 10 most important lessons I learned while launching my business.

These are the strategies that took my business from a little side gig and launched it into a full-time, successful operation.

  1. Stay out of your clients’ wallets. You know never what they have going on in their bank account.
  2. Work on your most important work first in the day – prioritize it to make sure it happens.
  3. Put self-care on your calendar just like any other important appointment.
  4. Overwhelm is a mindset (and you get to choose another one if you want).
  5. Stay in your own lane – focus on what you’re working on.
  6. Check your inbox no more than 2x per business day. (Sound too scary? Aim for 3x to start.)
  7. Use a timer to allow yourself to give yourself over to a task, project, session 100%.
  8. Business growth is 80% marketing, and sometimes more when you in the midst of launch.
  9. Listening to your body when it screams or whispers that a break is in order can actually propel your business forward.
  10. Not getting shit done is usually more than just a time management problem.

Some of these I learned on my own, through trial and error, testing and failing.

But, I’ve also been lucky to have many mentors on my business journey, and special mentions go out to:

I couldn’t have built a business and life I love without their support along the way.

Who has been a game changer on your business journey? Why not send them a love note to thank them today.

Photo by RawPixel on Unsplash


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