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You’re ready to take your business to the next level, right?Excellent – let’s get started!
Whether you’re in need of short-term or long-term support,I’ve got your back.I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs who feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to reach their goals. They’re letting clients walk away because their endless to-do list is overwhelming. I create a personalized, actionable plan so they can build a streamlined, successful business that they love.There are a few ways for us to work together. Please check out the below consulting and management packages for more information and to get started.

Get **it Done!

The Plan to Accomplish More in Your Business in Less TimeThe glamorous, freedom-filled lifestyle of owning your own business just isn’t happening for you.Between trying to fit in all the latest-and-greatest business strategies – Facebook ads, sales funnels, networking groups, JV partners – providing top-notch service to your clients AND spending quality time with your family, you find yourself out of energy and time at the end of the day.If only you knew how to take back control of your time and had a routine in place to take so much of the guesswork out of your daily to-do list.

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Business Co-Pilot

The Long-Term Management + Support Partnership for Lasting SuccessYou’ve set your sights on the next level in your business. And you realize that in order to get there, you need a whole NEW level of support behind you… perhaps a co-pilot for your business?Of course, you love your VA. She’s amazing!And your go-to graphic designer and copywriter are also equally awesome.But, you’re ready to get the full scope support that finally allows you to step away from your day-to-day, focus on your next steps and live the life you really wanted when you set out to build the business of your dreams.

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What successful business owners say about working with Lindsay

“I hired Lindsay as a business coach for my program, Make It Work Online. This was the first time I was hiring for this specific role, and it was scary to put what had been my main job onto someone else’s shoulders. But if anyone could do it in spades, I knew it was Lindsay… and holy smokes did she deliver!Having Lindsay work inside my program, directly with my clients, not only improved the client experience in my program, it also helped me step back into my own genius zone to improve the program and how my business operates.I was and continue to be blown away by the level of commitment Lindsay showed to our clients, our clients’ success, and the Make It Work Online program as a whole. The care, empathy, and connection she shows are exactly what I needed from her and what the clients needed to succeed. She balances making them feel seen and heard with pushing them to achieve their goals, creating big breakthroughs, and building a business they love.My coaching team needs to ‘live it to give it,’ being successful business owners in their own right in order to be effective coaches, and that’s why I love having Lindsay on the team. She’s great at what she does, has proven herself in her own business, and really cares about the people she works with. Plus, she really ‘gets’ business and all aspects of it, from the logistics of running a business to planning a marketing strategy to talking through sticky mind gunk.Our clients’ success, the program’s success, and my business are all better off because of Lindsay’s positive can-do attitude, her commitment to giving her best, her awesome levels of organization, and her heart-centered approach to everything she does. This win-win-win was like none we’ve ever had before, and I can’t imagine running this program without her ever again.”– Jenny Shih, Uncompromising Business Coach and Owner of

“Lindsay has had a hand in so much in my business success – Speaking tour organization. Women’s group systems. Book creation. Team systems. Keeping things we built running smoothly. Client care. Inbox management. Scheduling podcasts. And 10,000 other things.Lindsay has an extremely high level of reliability, conscientiousness, and problem solving abilities. She takes ownership of her work, and great care of customers and partners. I know when I delegate projects and tasks to Lindsay that they’re getting done, without me putting mental energy toward wondering if they will. Working with her frees me up to think bigger picture in my business. She not only lends support on projects, but acts as a partner too.”– Alison Cardy, Career Coach and Owner of Cardy Career Coaching

“Since working with Lindsay, I’ve added the first two coaches to my team and implemented all the groundwork to make it a seamless and white-glove experience for clients AND increased my gross revenue by $100,000. I now have more time to do big-picture thinking for my company. I can delegate the details of tactics and can keep the focus on strategy.Lindsay is very organized, professional, responsive, and reliable. Her work product always exceeds expectations and includes insightful suggestions. She’s a great writer, researcher, and analyzer, has a can-do attitude and experience working with lots of tools that budding entrepreneurs might want to use to streamline or improve procedures. I couldn’t do it without her.” – Christine Clapp, President of Spoken with Authority

“Having worked with Lindsay for almost one year, I can say she’s unlike any other online support professional I’ve worked with. Not only is she very professional and on top of all the details, she is able to understand how the dots line up. Lindsay brings great familiarity with the marketing and mindset needed to grow a small business. As a result, she is self-motivated and more like a partner than a Business Manager. Lindsay has supported clients with several large launches and she has been trusted to take care of the day-to-day operations and management. She happily takes on responsibilities and I have found her to be responsive, tech savvy, and a true problem-solver. If you’re looking to have someone who is genuinely interested in the success of your business helping you to implement and execute your ideas, you must consider Lindsay.” – Emily Kristofferson, Business Coach and Owner of

“Lindsay realized the constraints I had with running my business as a mom and found a solution that would work to fit my natural tendencies rather than trying to make me change to fit something else. Lindsay took into account my individuality, needs and circumstances and created a daily routine that works for me and is really possible.Her advice and suggestions for arranging my daily schedule have been so helpful. She is so professional, knowledgeable and puts clients at ease.As the tables have been flipped recently and I did work for her and her client, I saw how well she represents her client’s interests and was genuinely interested in understanding all that she needed to know to get her client exactly what she needed. I truly value the work we did together.”– Lisa Murray, Web Designer and Owner of White Space Web Studio

“Although I was organized before working with Lindsay, she was able to see what I couldn’t. I was a bit past the need and when you’re that busy it’s hard to do anything other than keep up. She helped me hire my VA, which has allowed me to take blog post writing and newsletter sending off of my plate. Plus, I can see more options for my business now, like, ‘oh, what if I didn’t have to do ____, what would THAT be like?!’If you know what you’re doing in your business, but struggling to get done the good work you want to do in the world because you’re really running out of time or your business is cutting into your values for family, fun, or just straight up life enjoyment, I’d recommend working with Lindsay!She shows up and offers what will be of value/service to you, and doesn’t just give out a bunch of resources that you have to deal with.Thank you, I’m so happy to have you in my life.” – Caryn Gillen, Weight Loss Coach and Owner of

“By working with Lindsay, I’ve gained hours in my business from the systems we put in place. That’s priceless! The systems we have in place for my business are beyond my wildest dreams. I knew I wanted some of these things in place but to see them all working so seamlessly and easily is amazing to me! Lindsay is so clear about what she’s doing and explains it in a way that anyone can understand. I never felt overwhelmed by the way she delivered the information. She’s an amazing teacher- patient, confident & passionate about what she does. You will gain time and peace of mind with the systems she puts in place. Lindsay is one of the biggest reasons why this year is going to be my best business year yet! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”– Jo Anna Inks, Sleep Consultant and Owner of Jo Anna Inks Sleep Solutions

“Lindsay was personable and easy to talk to During our first session, she called out my “burnout” within minutes of talking. I immediately felt a relief as we talked about a plan to keep me on track without burning out.Now, I’m putting more time into direct marketing, just like I wanted, as I have a set number of hours a week set aside for that. I’m working on improving boundaries and feel less scattered because of the detailed plan in place on how to layout my weeks.If you feel “all over the place” and stressed about your business, working with Lindsay will help you feel rejuvenated and ready to jump back into your business feeling refreshed and excited!”-Andi Metzler, Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Andi Metzler Sleep Consulting

“Lindsay is the ultimate thinker! She takes the guess work out of all your most important projects! She asks all the right questions to fully understand your project needs and is incredibly diligent, never missing a beat! I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay at her former job in the corporate world of office supplies and I must say, was sad to see her go! Her focus and attention to detail with all aspects of project management are unparalleled – including new product development, special customer pricing and branding projects, creative writing, advertising and marketing collateral design, website creation, and more! I never once questioned her work as I had the utmost confidence in her ability to get the job done – right and on time! Lindsay is determined to be successful and is committed to making sure you are as well!” – Jennifer Krach, Vice President of Sales, C-Line Products, Inc.

“As a result of working with Lindsay, I have the systems and foundation for my business. She is smart, efficient and reliable.”– Melissa Llarena, Career Coach and Owner of Career Outcomes Matter, LLC 

“Thank you soooooo much! My Get **it Done Plan looks great and I’m going to start using it right away. Thank you for all of the helpful resources, too. You have a lot of knowledge to share and you do an amazing job!” – Sarah Kochan, Founder of iAchieve Learning

“I have been through many a support team member — on one occasion, three in one month. None of them could jump in and handle all the moving parts that went into helping me run my busy six figure coaching practice. Luckily I found Lindsay. She was able to jump right in and handle things immediately. It takes a rare combination of customer service skills, tech-savvy and resourcefulness to do this job well and Lindsay has it in spades. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. In fact, if you’re looking for help, I would scoop her up quick before she gets too busy.” – Amy Pearson, Life Coach and Owner of Live Brazen

“Lindsay made my life easier! I didn’t have to worry about staying on top of the details and customer service issues thus allowing me to do what I do best – coach, teach and write. She always anticipates what needs to happen. She handles clients kindly, professionally and in a timely manner – I trusted her completely to get the job done or figure out how.  Do not hesitate to hire Lindsay. She is responsible, dependable, reliable, savvy, sharp and autonomous.” – Jackie Gartman, Life Coach and Owner of