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My Exact To-Do List Method

As a self-professed systems and organization geek, I’m often told how ‘together’ I am. Even in my corporate days, when I had dozens of products in various stages of the development cycle, coworkers would often tell me how calm I appeared amidst the chaos. Today, fellow entrepreneurs frequently ask me how I manage to keep tasks and projects humming along within my own business, as well as multiple client businesses. I’m a huge proponent of learning and feel you never truly stop, and not just from industry leaders or big brands, but from others in my space as well. And […]

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Business Tools I Love: Acuity Scheduling

In my own business and client work, I make sure the behind-the-scenes of many online businesses is running smoothly. One big part of that is the scheduling of appointments. Because we’re working in virtual environments, one way to do it is to have a back-and-forth with a client to find a mutual time for both of us. This back-and-forth can take many emails and sometimes days just to book one 30-minute session. Needless to say, it’s a huge time and energy suck! But it doesn’t have to be like that when there’s amazing software out there that helps you step […]

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Business Tools I Love: Zoom

Working in the behind-the-scenes arenas of dozens of businesses, I’ve used A LOT of tech.  For most tasks, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for anything. It’s my job to sort through the options to find a solution that works best for my clients and their businesses. When tasked to find easy-to-use, affordable video conferencing software for a client, I zeroed in on Zoom, for many reasons. I also use it myself and have migrated many other clients to this software. Why I Love Zoom Cost: Zoom offers a free plan that allows for all the basic options, with your only limit being […]

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Business Tools I Love: Apple Notes

I admit it – I’m an Apple-lover! Yep, I have a Mac and iPhone to keep my business growing and in contact with all things outside my house and Apple TV to stream Netflix-a-thons on (my recent indulgence – Parenthood). And, even though the tools and tips I recommend have been tested over and over to know they are amazing, I’m breaking my rule to tell you about my love of Apple Notes! I’ve always used the note-taking app to jot down quick notes here and there, without needing to open my computer, which can set off a twitch to want […]

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