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My Secret to Project Planning: Paper

I love to plan. (I think you know that though) I love to organize. (yep, not a new revelation either) And I love to create systems that are efficient and deliver results. (sensing a theme here?) I frequently plan big projects for my clients – speaking tours, podcast launches, program creation. You name, I make […]

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be about your soul’s agenda

be about your soul's agenda

As you reflect back on the last 12 months and set your intentions and targets for the next trip around the Sun, hold with you to not be about society’s agenda, or even your client’s agenda, be about your soul’s agenda to build a life and business that you love. Ask yourself – what can […]

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Why ‘Coach’ Isn’t a Dirty Word

I need to address something here.  As I talk with many women entrepreneurs, a particular word is sometimes spoken in hushed tones – coach. As in, “I’m a parenting ‘coach‘”. Does it give you chills, like when the hyenas hear the word ‘Mufasa’ in The Lion King? Not me, but many times, there’s an air of […]

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Just acknowledge it ALREADY

I see it so frequently, especially in online communities, a job posting for a Virtual Assistant. But there’s always the last bit that sets my blood boiling a bit: Growing small business looking for a highly-motivated, highly-experienced, rock star VA to assist in daily operations. Must have experience supporting multiple 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs and […]

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