Lindsay Gomez

Before branching out with my own business, I spent over 10 years in the office products industry developing consumer products. In fact I worked for my family’s business and was planning to take over the company in the future with my siblings. But funny how plans usually have more twists and turns then you anticipate…. It was the desire to help people on a more personal level that led me from the corporate world to my work with small businesses. Although my career and life goals changed, my work in office products truly shaped and developed my love for the aesthetic and branding, the need to always provide a superior customer experience and it is where I honed my 1:1 management skills, by working with co-workers, customers and outside vendors. As someone who works with online businesses, my clients vary dramatically at times, but my #1 love is to work with coaches – life, business, career, leadership. Why you may ask? Well, the work that coaches facilitate is so deeply personal to me. They are the people that pulled me from a really bad professional and personal situation. (Remember how I said I worked for my family’s business, well unhappiness at work quickly invaded all aspects of my life.) My life coach made me see that I had amazing talents to share with the world. And here I am today… loving my work again! When not providing amazing client care (and performing the occasional magic trick or two), you can find me taking a stroll with my super supportive husband and our two rescue pups, catching a Gilmore Girls or Kitchen Nightmares marathon, or geeking out over all things organization.

7 Practical Steps to Business Magic

A question I get time and again is “how do I build a successful business that I love and that makes me money?”  You’re smart. You’re an action-taker. You don’t back down from a challenge.  And yet, you find yourself at a standstill in your business. You’ve reached a plateau that feels unending.  From working with dozens of clients to build six-figure businesses, I often find that there’s a step in the business building process that’s been overlooked.  It isn’t the same for each person, but there’s usually one part where you told yourself, “yeah, I’ll get back to that […]

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Meet You, version 2.0!

At the end of 2017, I felt a niggle on my soul. A quiet whisper that said, “Pssstt, Lindsay, we’re a bit bored. It’s time to grow.” I knew what the voice meant, but truthfully, it scared the pants off of me. Or rather, the Me on the other side of that growth scared the pants off of me. So I talked it out with my coach and she asked, “What’s different about this next version of Lindsay?” I knew almost immediately, “More leadership skills and a better wardrobe.” Whoa, in almost an instant, I was no longer terrified. I […]

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“Yeah, but…” and Other Business Untruths

I spent four days in Corvallis, Oregon getting my mind freaking blown by the most amazing humans on the planet. Ever been in a room filled with people and although you don’t know everyone and aren’t sure where the day will lead you, feel totally and completely at home and safe and supported and loved? That’s exactly what happened at Make It Work Online™ LIVE, hosted by my mentor Jenny Shih. There were countless aha’s and insights about running an online business popping up every which way. And I wanted to bring to you the top four mind-busters that are […]

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Your Summer Reading List Has Arrived Plus Fun Links

Summer is here! Summer is here! Okay, so the summer solstice hasn’t officially occurred, but meteorological summer has begun. And what better way to kickoff the summer season than with a rundown of what I’m reading, watching and listening to these days. Remember, I read, listen and watch it all so that when it comes to running your business like a pro, you don’t have to. My dear and kickass coach Caryn Gillen has a brand-spanking-new 7-Day leadership course… for FREE! It’s like you get to live in her dynamic brain for a full week and learn exactly how to […]

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Is Your Brain Keeping You Small (and From Success)?

Our brains are hardwired for connection, according to Brené Brown. It isn’t only connection to one another that we crave, it’s connection of the puzzle pieces of life that we see in front of us. And in the absence of perfect data (which is always the case), we look for patterns in our past experiences and make up stories to fill in the gaps and bridge those connections. Unfortunately, our stories are being written in a nanosecond by our amygdala. This is the part of our brain that wants to keep us safe. When you run a business, safety looks […]

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Stop Going It Alone (+ Are You Missing Out?)

Later this summer, I’ll hit the 5-year mark in my business. Yes, my business is my name. And there’s the appearance that I’m doing it all on my own. But I didn’t do it alone. To get to where I am today, which is intensely joyous, deeply grateful and blowing my own mind at every damn turn, I purposefully put supports into place to help along the way. A business coach.A leadership coach.Multiple masterminds of similarly driven business owners.A lovely assistant who has my back.A super small circle of trusted friends.A roster of badass clients who care about me as […]

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Do You Really Want a Sexy Business?

I recently stumbled upon this quote from Greek philosopher Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” I don’t usually seek out quotes and I’m honestly not into philosophy either. Yes, I enjoy a good philosophical quandary on The Good Place, but I pretty much glossed over the subject in school (each and every time). When I randomly happened upon it, I immediately loved the quote. And was equally surprised by the source. What struck was how true it rang for me. As a business coach, I see this very scenario play […]

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Take That Darn Vacation Already – Here’s How!

As the warmer weather is coming (so they say, but I also heard snow might hit next week in my area), I’m reminded of vacationing. Taking time away from the day-to-day to explore new areas of the world, indulge in new surroundings, take advantage of new experiences. I remember my first year in business. I had just come out of wrapping up a full-time job in the corporate world while simultaneously launching my own business. I just wanted a break. A sacred time without client deliverables and emails and blog posts and the daily grind. But I was terrified to […]

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