What’s the Opportunity in a Pandemic?

Let’s talk about Opportunity right now. 

Because on a daily basis, people are telling me that NOW (all caps for emphasis and yes, that’s how they’re all being written) is the perfect time to…

… breakthrough on your back-burnered projects.
… hire for your team (it’s an employer’s market after all).
… build your brand.
… change careers.
… eat less meat and animal-based products. 
… lose 15 pounds.
… start a house walking practice.
… find a new hobby.
… work on your own personal development.

Oh my gosh, make it stop.

Because this time in our history, where we’re on a collective pause, doesn’t mean we need to act differently on anything. 

We don’t need more Doing. We need more Being. 

So if you feel it deep in your bones to do more in your business right now, by all means, go for it. I’m cheering you on each step of the way. 

But what if that’s not you, though?

If you have absolutely no desire or inner calling or little angel on your shoulder whispering for you to push and drive at the moment, consider this your permission slip to just Be. 

Because it just might be that right now is the perfect time for you to lean into feminine energy, be instead of do, practice surrender, plant the seeds for a new way of life to sprout after we unpause. 

Honor what you need right now. 

What does that look like? 
What do you feel most inclined to do in this moment?

Maybe that means you ease up on the “shoulding” around what your business day looks like.
Or catch up with an old, favorite read. 
Or give yourself permission to order pizza twice a week so that you can finally relax during dinner with your family (instead of being dog-tired from prepping and cooking). 
Or host your own Gilmore Girls marathon. 
Or schedule weekly distance reiki sessions. 
Or put together a puzzle simply for the sake of it.
Or go all out on lawn decorations to celebrate your niece’s 5th birthday.
Whatever that looks like, whether it’s big or small or expansive or quiet, it’s your choice to make. 

Today you’re exactly where you are supposed to be. What happens tomorrow is up to you. And the day after that. And the day after that. 



Photo by Laura Dewilde on Unsplash


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