1 Thing to Ditch in Your Biz Right Now (and Forever)

I’m just going to say it AGAIN and I know most other people, brands, and companies are saying it, too – there’s a lot that’s uncertain in our lives this moment:

  • What’s going to happen over the coming weeks and months?
  • How’s our world going to shift?
  • What changes will come out of this to accommodate a new level of normal?
  • What will we actually settle into?
  • And what will my hair look like when I get to the salon next?

We’re all in new normals right now with us not being able to go out whenever and wherever we want. 

But we’re also going to find ourselves in a new long-term normal after this passes. 

What is happening isn’t a 45-day or 60-day occurrence and then we go back on our merry way.

And adjusting to that reality can feel anxious and frightening because we just don’t know. It feels unmooring and shaky. 

Yet, we’ve all been through times in our lives and businesses where we weren’t sure about the outcome. Heck, we didn’t even know what the next two steps in front us were. 

When faced with uncertainty, two things continue to pop up on my radar. 

One is super helpful and should be held tight. And the other? Well, that can and should be immediately ditched. 

I’m talking about Structure and Control

Let’s start at the end, with what you can give up and stop doing now, and that’s the idea of control. 

Right now, this world event – “The Great Pause” as I’ve seen it referenced – is unprecedented. It’s a once-in-many-lifetimes experience that we’re collectively going through. 

In this situation, what is really in your control? What in your world do you 100% have the ability to affect? 

Think about that for a few moments. 

Can you actually control if your clients stay on with you?
Can you truly know if your team member is totally focused and dedicated to your business right now?
Can you really control how many likes you get on social media? 
Can you control how many people open your newsletter and click the link? 
Or, the next step and then the next that those people will take?

No, of course you can’t. 

You can plan and prepare as best you can. But you can’t know within a shadow of a doubt what the exact result will be. 

These are circumstances and we cannot control them at all.

And right now, our circumstances feel enormous and never-ending. 

So stop. 

Please stop trying to control that which can’t be. 

It’s never going to serve you… ever. 

It might seem like, then, what’s the point? I have no effect on anything anyway. 

Well, there’s much that you can control. Like our thoughts and behaviors and actions and reactions.

We have power over that. 

Focus your efforts and energies there. 

Instead of trying to wrangle control over how your child is behaving during the day, focus on the thoughts you’re thinking. How can you shift those into better feeling thoughts? 

Rather than silently ruminating on how your partner, who’s now working from home, is messing up your business mojo, unpack the emotions you feel in your body. How are they supporting you?

Suppose your launch isn’t going to plan and the numbers aren’t looking great, surrender. Let go of what you planned would happen and look at how you’re being asked to show up now. 

What does your body need right now? 
What does your mind need right now? 
What does your soul need right now? 
What is the universe asking of you right now? 

Drop the control of how it used to be or should be or needs to be. 

Focus your time and energies on your answers to these questions. 

Own what you truly, can be proven-in-a-court-of-law have the power to control. And ditch controlling the rest. 

Don’t give over your power.

We’ll be back next time to talk about the second part – Structure.

Until then, practice focusing on what is within your reach of power.



Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash


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