Why Are You Here?

On a regular basis, women ask me, what do they need to do to achieve their goals? 

These women are smart and fierce and savvy. They aren’t looking for a one-and-done solution or quick fix. They know that won’t stick. 

Yet, they understand that there are key actions you can take to create the results you want faster and with more ease. 

So I ask, “Are you acting as if?”

It sounds simple and almost childish (or maybe it’s just me – the phrase “as if” was all over the place during my tween years). 

But truly, do you…

Act as if you can solve problems. 
Act as if you can do hard, scary things.
Act as if you’re excited to be here each day. 
Act as if you are enough. 
Act as if you were made for this. 

Because here’s the thing, your business is real. It’s providing for your family. It’s supporting your dreams. 

Acknowledge that truth because it is your truth. You chose this path. 

And now you need to start claiming exactly what you’ve built and the vision you have for your future. 

No more telling yourself that “if only you could make seven figures, you will have finally made it”. You have made it. 

So pick your specific future goal, one that feels exciting and scary and slightly out of reach.

What does a business owner who’s hit that goal, has reached that summit, act like? 
What does she do with her time?
How does she work with her team?
What does her off-business hours look like?
How is she showing up for herself? 
What is saying ‘yes’ to? And more importantly, what is she saying ‘no’ to?
How does she navigate her day-to-day?
What does her calendar look like? 
Where does she stumble? 
Where does she succeed?
What makes her enchanting and engaged in her life?

Paint her picture in your mind’s eye. Get as vivid as you possibly can. 

This is the person you’ll have to become in order to take your business where you want to go. Because the person you are today hasn’t done what you want to do… yet. 

So in order to follow your roadmap, you’ll need to become a person who does new things, takes new actions, has new experiences. 

And here’s the other extra cool thing, she already exists inside you. If she didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to think her up. 

She’s there. 

Give yourself permission to fully step into her presence, to become who you were meant to be.

I’m cheering you on as you do.


Photo by me


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