The ONE Skill I’m Building This Year

The other week I was in the midst of a s#!t storm in my business.

I have a new client and am supporting her business by coaching her clients in a massive group program.

It’s new and exciting and challenging and uncomfortable.

And really hard to walk away from.

This is the most clients I’ve worked with at any one time – 6x more!

The list of questions and support needed is endless right now. I walk away for a couple of hours and have another 20 notifications from clients needed help.

And I want to deliver, of course.

The women in the program are lovely, asking very thoughtful questions, and really want to be successful in their business. I see a lot of myself in them.

But in order to best support them, I know I need to take the time to intentionally walk away.

It’s a lesson I know very well, and yet it always seems counterintuitive when it smacks me in the head.

As a high achiever, it’s sooo hard to leave a list of to-do’s undone.


I think I finally got it – the direct result of this action isn’t visible to everyone. You can’t really show your work.

This isn’t a cake you baked in an afternoon. Or a new book you breezed through.

How do you measure closing your computer and taking a timeout?

I’m still learning that one. Remember that coaching session I was super pumped to have earlier this year?

Turns out that the skill I need to build this year is… doing things just for fun without a specific goal in mind.

Does that make your skin crawl a little too?

Then take the next 10-20 minutes to think about what you enjoy doing outside of your business (you’ll be doing an actual task but it’s not actually a business task – see baby steps there). Aim for a dozen activities and write them down.

Next, post your list somewhere where you can regularly see it or shout it out to the world, maybe right here in the comments below.

And get two of those items on your calendar for the next two weeks.

You’re on your way to building the skill of not focusing on your business 100% of the time (and knowing it’s key to your success).

When you think about stepping out your business for a two-hour block during the week, what feelings come up? Tell me below and let’s talk it out.

Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash


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