It’s a Beautiful Day to Build a Neighborhood

Let’s get real for a moment, being a business owner can be lonely at times.

Yes, we’re independent, comfortable going off on our own. We actually relish this type of freedom.

But it’s a tad too quiet at times. I mean, we can’t always talk out our ideas with ourself or the wall or our dog.

That’s why having a dedicated group of people you turn to on a frequent basis is super important.

We sometimes call this type of group a tribe or mastermind or Community.

To recap, a business owner’s community is a network of people with a shared business experience that they can collaborate with.

These are the people who deeply know the ups and downs of running a business and have your back and you have theirs, in the business sense.

It means having a group of other business owners you can turn to for advice, to talk out problems with, to help you get clear on what you need to do next.

These people have been through similar ups and downs within their own business. Which in turn, helps you to save time, share knowledge, and possible shortcut your way into bigger actions (let me be very clear here – this isn’t the same as cutting corners – that’s a no-no).

When you think about being in the same space as these people, there’s a positive vibe that lifts you up.

These are people who will lovingly call you on your BS, and provide feedback when you ask for it.

Want to find your own Community?

Start by getting clear on what your goal of your a Community is. Do you want accountability? Support in reaching your next level? Sharing of knowledge? To be called on your BS?

Also, give thought to the type of feedback you want out of the group members? What type of people and personalities do you work best with, in a peer-to-peer sense?

Once you know that, it’s time to take the next step in finding your mastermind group. You likely already have a few people in your network that meet the criteria you just outlined.

Reach out and see if they’re interested in forming a mastermind group with you. If someone is up to join in, YES! and you can ask if they know of 1-2 other business owners who would be a fit. Let them help you form the group.

Once you have the group set, settle on a recurring day of week and time to meet. Yes, you’re meeting weekly to start! Moving the meeting from week to week creates a good amount of chaos and confusion. Make it easy and keep the meeting time the same.

Then, you meet as a group. I recommend meeting in-person, whether that’s face-to-face in the same room or via a video chat feed. The ability to see each other’s faces and read facial expressions is huge in developing the relationships within the group.

At the first meeting, have each member go around and introduce herself in 2-3 minutes.

Then, establish the group logistics, like what order will people speak in? how much time is each person allotted per meeting? who will keep time? how many meetings can a member miss before they’re asked to leave the group?

Lastly, know that the first 4-6 meetings are going to be super awkward as you get to know one another. That’s totally okay!

As you get to know each other, you’ll hit a rhythm. You might even relax up on the guidelines and let the conversation be more freeform.

But, if you still feel like it isn’t the right fit after that, then it’s best to call it a day and bow out.

Having a mastermind was the single biggest difference in propelling my business to places I only imagined over the last 7 months. The ladies I connected within that group were beyond incredible. We learned so much from one another, in ways I didn’t even expect.

Have hesitations about putting together your own Community of business owners? Let’s talk it out below.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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  1. I agree! It’s great to help you bounce ideas off of one another and help celebrate the wins. Just this week, I was doing something ‘scary’, I literally texted a member of my mastermind each step of the way to help me get over the hump — it helped tremendously!

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