18 Things I’m Doing to Rock 2018 (It’s Not Too Late!)

Confession time: 2018 started off pretty stagnant over here, mixed with a healthy pinch of intense overwhelm.

So many people use the start of a new year to get back into the swing of things. They wake up on January 1st, ready to attack the day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That, my friend, just did not happen for me.

In fact, I stalled myself into inaction the first week. It took a client reflecting back my words with a tonal shift for me to see it.

My thought: There’s so much to get done this year and it’s the first week!!!

Her reflection: There’s so much to get done this year and it’s the first week.

Yep, much calmer and way more collected (another reason I love working with coaches).

It took about two weeks for me to find my zest for the year.

And what I found was that my goals have two primary aims – Learning/Growth and Fun.

To keep me honest here’s 18 ways I’m going to rock the year!

  1. Throw one heck of a 10th anniversary celebration!
  2. Work with my mentor in new totally new way to support her business
  3. Travel to finally meet my clients in-person (although we talk so often, I feel like I’ve already met them face-to-face)
  4. Become a guest posting fanatic
  5. Take a luxurious, restorative vacation at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
  6. Support my clients in their aims for some really large business goals
  7. Find a new business event to attend (have my eye on this one!)
  8. Spend more time with my niece who seems to be growing up way too fast
  9. Join Seth Godin’s altMBA program
  10. Get my style on point so that my exterior matches how awesome I feel inside
  11. Up my leadership skills
  12. Continue meeting with a weekly mastermind group
  13. Become a plant-based ninja in the kitchen
  14. Taper my content consumption unless it’s directly related to a specific area of growth or a knowledge gap that I need bridge in order to complete a task or project
  15. Set aside time each day to watch and work on my mindset (this one is non-negotiable!)
  16. Do less and delegate more in my own business and on my clients’ teams
  17. Go on at least one road trip getaway with our lovable pups
  18. Stretch my strategic brain
  19. Continue to learn about business + life from my clients and team members (they’re some of my best teachers)
  20. Find a new dog sitter, so that those travels plans can happen

Okay, so I threw in a few extras.

But did you notice how my list wasn’t all professional or all personal?

That’s the work-life balance in play. Some years it’s been much more business-focused.

What are you going to create this year? Take a few moments to think about it, then declare it below! (and give yourself a pat on the back, because awareness is always the first step).

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


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