5 Tech Tools Everyone in the Online Business World Should be Using

I get asked way-too-often, “what tech tools should I be using? There’s so many – it’s overwhelming!

I totally hear you. Now, wonder no more.

Here’s the five must-have pieces of tech you need to be using if you have an online service-based business (darling life coach, I’m looking at you).

#1 – Cloud Storage

When working with your team, you need an easy way to share working documents. It’s just not convenient to send documents as email attachments, just to have your assistant make your requested changes, then email it back to you (via email again). Migrate your files to a central location in the cloud and have your team work in full collaboration.

My preference: Google Drive

Google is ultra secure. Just be sure to share files directly with your team members, not via a public link that anyone can access. It’s also very robust, with regard to what it lets you do and is getting closer to the full MS Office suite of programs each day.

#2 – Project Management

Keep your business organized and on task each day by creating tasks for you and your team and delegating away. You can step way back and see a high-level view of what’s going on in your business now and on the horizon. Or zoom way in and see exactly who’s working on what and when.

My preference: Asana

This free tool has kept my business on track for almost three years, as well as that of my clients. Bonus – Asana seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, so you can link files to specific tasks. With one click in Asana, you can transport yourself to the exact file location in Google Drive that you need to be in. Read more about my love of Asana right here.

#3 – Email Marketing/Automation

To connect with your audience on a regular basis, email is still the way to go. There’s many reasons why but the most prevalent is that you own your email list. Facebook or Instagram could vanish tomorrow and you’d have no way to access the names of your raving social media fans.

My preference: AWeber

For functionality, cost and customer service, AWeber is my top pick to get a newsletter opt-in box on your site within minutes. It also has the ability to grow with you as your business hits the next level.

#4 – Online Scheduler

Clients need to be able to schedule time with you and that needs to be an easy process on both sides. You and your assistant don’t want to be fielding emails about booking a session. Let the online scheduling program do the work for you.

My preference: Acuity Scheduling

This little tool has saved me countless hours of scheduling client sessions, interviews, and consultations. It’s super simple to use, reasonably priced and has outstanding customer services. It also doubles on my online shop. Want to know more? Check out my extended review of Acuity.

#5 – Payment Processor

How are clients going to pay you? If you have an online business and can essentially work with anyone on the planet, having a simple way for people to pay you for your services is vital. Enough said.

My preferences: Stripe and PayPal

I have two actually. I love Stripe and have been happily using them through my Acuity shop for over a year. But, PayPal is recognized worldwide and buyers feel very comfortable sending money through this platform. Because of that, I choose both.

Did you notice that I didn’t even mention email or a website? If you’re going to play in the online world, these two pieces of technology are must-haves for clients to be able to find you and communicate with you directly and you should have that up and running already. (If you want to know though, I recommend Gmail for email and a WordPress website hosted on SiteGround.)

Agree? Disagree? Have another tech tool that keeps your business spinning? Share below – I’d love to hear from you.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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