The “New Year, New You” Concept is Full of S#*t

My friend was telling me last week how she’s been resting and then awoke at 4:20am with an idea. One so juicy she couldn’t shake it.

She thought since farmers get up this early, why can’t I and flesh this thought out?

And it happened to me today. I woke up full of excitement for the new year that’s almost upon us.

You see, I get to work with this friend, who’s also a fellow business owner and former client. Have you ever met someone that when they say something or reflect your words back to you, it sounds so clear and plain as day and you just get it? That’s this person for me.

We’re going to get some ideas for my business SUPER CLEAR. It’s going to usher me to my next level of awesomeness.

Don’t worry though, I’m still going to be the same Lindsay, just refreshed with more pep in my step and a boost to all that makes me, me.

Which got me thinking about the “New Year, New You” marketing angles that frequent our social media feeds, inboxes, and tv’s right now.

Why do they want you to be a new YOU?

Maybe a little different, a little more authentic, a little more improved, or a lot more YOU, but not totally brand spanking new.

Why are we encouraged to throw out the whole version and start over? (I mean, it was hard work to get to our current state.)

Maybe get rid of what isn’t working, yes, but also hold dear what is right.

For the New Year, I wish for you to two simple things:

#1 – Devote time to getting clear on who YOU are.

#2 – Bring all that positive energy to the forefront and focus on that (not the qualities and things that bring you down).

We’ll be back with more business success tips, strategies, tools, and fun next time!

Photo by Raw Pixel on Unsplash

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