How to NOT Get It All Done and Still Nail It

Kara’s task list still needs to be finished before it can be delegated.

And the client is waiting for their upgrade request to be implemented.

Then there’s the dance recital you promised your little niece you wouldn’t miss this time.

It’s no wonder that you’re feeling pulled in a million different directions and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to make it all happen.

But, you can approach your day with intentionality and a go-get-it attitude to still win the day (and leave some things undone).

Here’s how in 5 steps:

#1 – Take 5 Minutes to Plan Out Your Day

This step is so critical, but almost always overlooked.

At the end of the day, take 5 minutes to list out the main tasks for the next day, with each entry starting with a verb. Instead of ‘Kara’s task list’, write ‘Complete Kara’s task list’. This step allows you to start your day fresh, with a clear plan in place.

Need help keeping it concise, try the 1-3-5 Rule (more on that below).

#2 – Use the 1-3-5 Rule

There’s so much to do – how do you break it down into doable chunks of time?

Get clear on the most important priorities for that day, by breaking it down into manageable commitments:

  • 1 big thing
  • 3 medium things
  • 5 little things

The Muse even has a handy printable sheet to track your daily 1-3-5 here.

#3 – Say ‘No’ When You Can

You started this business for a reason, to focus on a specific way to best serve the world. Keep your eye on that ball and say ‘no’ to what isn’t in line with that goal.

And here’s the good news – it is possible to say ‘no’ to projects and opportunities that aren’t within the scope of your focus and still grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

#4 – Stay Out of Your Inbox

As much as we like to stay in touch with all around us, it’s an energy and time suck. Most of all, if you do it continually, it’s an intentional interruption. And it takes an average of just over 23 minutes to get back on track for each interruption!

Instead, select certain times in your day that you’ll check your email and limit the time you take to respond.

The container expands and contracts to fill the space it’s given, so if you give yourself 20 minutes, there’s a good chance you’ll get your email task done in that time.

#5 – Focus on What’s in Front of You

You can’t multitask – it’s a myth.

What your brain is doing is shutting down on that task while you focus on another. You may think, ‘I’m getting it all done – checking my email and listening to this webinar’, but really, while you’re checking your inbox, you’re paying absolutely no attention to the speaker; not until you switch back to the webinar feed.

Repeat after me – You’re not a machine.

You aren’t made to constantly churn out stellar product again and again, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to.

It’s possible to get the most important tasks completed, leave some items on your list undone, and still feel like you’ve nailed it.

How do you set-up your day for success? Comment below – I can’t wait to hear from you!

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash


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