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Do you have serious FOMO when it comes to knowledge?


I love to learn and if someone has something wonderful to say, I’ll likely give them permission to come into my inbox on the regular.

Yes, I freely give out my email address to websites and other businesses. I know they say to protect your email address, but I want to know what people are saying and thinking. How else can you learn but to explore the thoughts and ideas of others?


Confession time: my inbox became rather unwieldy with this strategy. I know, me, the biggest champion of organization and streamlining.

I was spending an hour every day cleaning up my inbox. At least 90% of the emails were subscriptions that I would typically delete or file after skimming. But my inbox got to be so out of hand that I didn’t even read many before hitting the ‘delete’ button!

Then I stumbled upon this glorious inbox tool to do the cleanup work for me –

What is it? is an extension for your inbox that crawls your subscription emails, snatches them up and delivers them to you each day in one nice and tidy digest called the Daily Rollup.

If you find that you’re not even paying attention to a subscription in the daily summary, easily unsubscribe from whatever you don’t want right through

Or, find someone’s been bumped up your attention list and you want them directly hitting your inbox again? (ahem… Ramit Sethi, you just got this honor) Choose to ‘Keep the email’ in your inbox again. It’s that simple.

How do I use it? Easy! I roll up everything that isn’t something I know I want to read and give full attention to. Then, I skim the Daily Rollup in 60 seconds or less. Yep, 20-30 emails taken care of in less than one minute each and every day.

Of course, not everyone gets rolled away. Who’s on my shortlist for direct inbox access?

  • Seth Godin
  • Bernadette Jiwa
  • Susan Hyatt
  • Brooke Castillo
  • Charlie Gilkey
  • Marie Forleo
  • Penelope Trunk
  • Jenny Shih
  • Chris Guillebeau (and related projects, like World Domination Summit and Wayfinding Academy)

Another pro tip for inbox decluttering – use a different email address to subscribe to newsletters, blogs and businesses. Don’t give out your main email address to just anyone. Keep that for actual 1:1 communications.

Already using Have a question about the inbox management tool? Tell me below – I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how you like the tech tool!

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