When Business isn’t All Glamour and Sexiness ALL THE TIME

Earlier this year, I had a HUGE client deliverable due. It took a good chunk of time and brainpower and the timeline for completion was short.

To get through it, I relied on this little, but super unsexy trick – I wore the same thing each day until the project was done and out the door.

And we’re not talking about the same outfit every day, in an endearing, look ‘how smart he is’ way, like Steve Jobs.

Oh no, this was the same exact clothes for three days straight – aqua North Face hooded sweatshirt with black Nike yoga pants – along with minimal getting ready time.

Rather than a messy but chic top-knot, my hair was just a big, ol’ mess held back by a loop of elastic.

I’m not even sure I brushed my teeth each day.

But this strategy totally helped me stay focused on what needed to get done in order to best serve my client.

It was comfortable and easy in that moment. And boy, did I need that.

Yes, business can be unglamorous at times.

There are things like bookkeeping, social media, paying your quarterly taxes – all actions that you may not want to do but if you’re a serious business owner, cannot ignore.

Because it’s hard to be grateful for all the sexy, fun times in your business, like laid-back lunches with your best gal pal, without doing the work on the unsexy items as well.

It gives you full knowledge of how your business runs, before passing tasks off to your assistant, accountant or ads manager.

And then you can better understand the time it takes to get those tasks accomplished. It gives you a better appreciation for your team and their commitment to your business and goals.

Like they say, you can’t appreciate the light without the dark. And you also can’t appreciate a night out in that Badgley Mishka gown without those yoga pants days.

What’s the most unsexy task you do in your business? How can you look at it through the lens of gratitude?

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

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