Blitz what?!?! My secret method for beating overwhelm

Ever have so many little but important tasks on your list that just beginning feels like you’re about to set out to climb K2?

Even though I’m a planner and like to strategically go about my day, this happens to me from time to time.

I get stuck!

I want to make sure I’m starting with the right task at the right moment which will lead to the next right task with the mission to get it all completed by the right time.

Yes, I’ve set myself up to be so scared to even start because I could make a mistake. But by not starting, I’m not taking action, a major mistake if I want to grow my business.

When I find myself stalled into inaction, I do what I call a “Blitz Hour”.

I set a timer for 60 minutes – no more, no less.

And simply, just start plowing through the list.

It’s one concerted effort to get as much off of my list as possible during the set time.

Another key component – I give myself total permission to task hop within a larger task or project, like managing my inbox, setting up a new project, writing copy for a launch. But, I need to be very clear, this does NOT give me permission to go down a Facebook rabbit hole or check out by watching YouTube videos.

I look at it almost like a challenge – how much can I accomplish in this hour? what can I knock off the list?

When the timer buzzes, I’m usually able to get more done than I thought and so proud and empowered to have taken charge of my business.

Next time you feel overcome by a long list of small tasks, try this technique. Then report back!

Photo by Javier García on Unsplash


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