Two Secrets to a Productive Day

We all have LOTS we want to get done within any given day, right?

You want to be efficient. You want to be creative. You want to be mindful and intentional. You don’t want to feel like you’re always putting out fires.

When I work with clients to be more productive, there are two actions I frequently recommend. They may sound too simple to even be a topic of conversation.

But as our culture moves towards the mindset of go-go-go, achieve more and more, don’t soak in the current glory and only look to the next BIG goal on the horizon, it’s the simple things that get easily overlooked.

Want to be more productive throughout your day? Follow these two steps.

Cut One Thing from the List

Yep – I’m giving you permission to take something off of your to-do list! This doesn’t mean it moves to the next day. It means it comes off your list completely, for good.

Are you doing a happy dance yet?

What I see with business owners, is that they pack too much into their schedule. They want to do it all, but they’re doing a lot of those tasks halfway.

And more importantly, they’re not invested in some of those tasks or projects, only doing it because they feel they should. You can’t go through your life ‘shoulding’ yourself.

So, decide to say ‘no’ to that business building course that is no longer in alignment with your goals.

Make the decision to email your list only once per week, instead of straining to get two new pieces of content out to your readers.

Allow for breathing space within your daily routine, to refocus, reinvigorate and reenergize yourself for the next task.

A packed schedule also leads to a loss of fun (and to our next step).

Bring the Joy Back into Your Day

If it isn’t fun or heavenly or fully delicious, then why are you doing it?

You built your business to have more freedom, to pick your kids up from school each day and take the morning yoga class and have a leisurely midweek lunch with your friends. So why aren’t those activities on your calendar?

Just like with the idea to allow breathing space in your schedule to refocus, turning your time and attention towards non-business activities, rejuvenates your brain as well.

Self-care activities, whether that’s reading for 20 minutes every day, weekly walks with a friend, enjoying a monthly massage, is as vital to your business growth as the business-centered time.

Give yourself the permission to have fun time on your calendar now, not when you’ve hit mid-six-figures or finally gotten to 10k subscribers. Do it now!

What is one task that you can remove from your list today? What one fun activity, large or small, can you add to your routine? 

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