The one thing I won’t outsource

As an entrepreneur, you read a lot, watch even more and connect with many. Through those connections, you hear so much advice of growing a business (hey, that’s probably why you’re reading this post, right).

A huge tip is to outsource and delegate as much as possible. I completely agree… with one exception. Marketing!

Yep, I can delegate out my bookkeeping, support inbox management, social media scheduling, tax prep, web development. Heck, if my company grows VERY large, I could even delegate the initial consults with prospective new clients.

But Marketing is something that I will always do.


The answer is super simple. No one knows my ideal client and services like I do.

My marketing and message is all about building a relationship with my audience. Not just seeing people as a number on the path to a certain revenue goal, but really knowing exactly who I’m working with and seeing up close how their business is improving. This the exact reason I moved from the corporate world to run my own business.

If I stepped away from writing my blog and newsletter, for instance, there’d be a disconnect. My distinct voice wouldn’t come through. The language wouldn’t connect to my readers in the same way. They wouldn’t get to know me and, more importantly, they wouldn’t understand that I totally and completely ‘get’ who they are as a person and business owner.

What I provide my clients leans so much on my skills, my knowledge, my background, my training – it all combines for a one-of-kind client experience. I want people to get to know all facets of me because it’s me who’ll help them build the business they dream of.

Yes, I can always bring in a consultant to assist with a program launch or brand refresh.

But having my fingers on the pulse of the message of my business is an area of my business where I don’t want to be replaced.

Of the Top 5 areas of your business, where would you say ‘Marketing’ ranks? How can you get it higher on the priority list?


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    • Happy to hear this idea resonates with you, Vanessa! I think it is so easy to outsource so much our businesses just because we can that we don’t stop to think if it is in best service to our clients and audience.

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