The messy truth about gratitude

I have a confession – I’ve been pushing myself H.A.R.D.

And not just over the last few months. It’s been a grind over the last several years. At one point in my life, all aspects were in Square One of Martha Beck’s Change Cycle.

Yes – career, family, friends, health, money, fun, self-fulfillment – every major part of my life felt like it was in disarray. And I’m not one to thrive in chaos. It didn’t feel okay. Let’s just say, that wasn’t a pleasant time for me.

Over the past year, the pieces have started to fall into place. More parts of my life have landed safely in Square Four (Yes!).

Despite the restoration to calm, I continued to feel enormous stress to keep pushing in my business. That drive was on autopilot and I wasn’t sure what the push was really for.

To help get my bearings, I took a step back about a month ago and decided to not actively pursue new opportunities, not go out of my way to make myself extra visible to those that aren’t already in my community.

One of those step backs included pulling away from social media. I took Facebook off of my phone. At the time, I said it would just be for two weeks. Here we are over a month later and I have no plans to add it back anytime soon.

But I still felt an unease, and so I planned a 5-day vacation away from my business. I won’t be spending time at a fancy tropical destination or serene cabin in the mountains. I’m staying home, but having my own personal retreat.

Here’s what I’ll be focusing on as you read this:

  1. Lots of gratitude. As I mentioned, I’m away right now, but I’m still thinking of you and sending lots of love and light that you’re a part of this little corner of the online world. You make my day-to-day so worth it!
  2. Loads of self-care. Lunch and nails with my mother. Massage. Outing with my family (furry ones included). Check-in time with a trusted friend.
  3. Writing. Did you know I love to write? Since I was young, it’s been a safe place for me to get things out of my head and stop the mind spin. I plan to continue that, but at length during this time.
  4. Reading. I recently picked up a copy of Seth Godin’s What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind? (that’s it up top – it’s enormous. And heavy. Its nickname is ‘The Titan’.). Plus, I’m in the middle of Conscious Capitalism and Why Not Me?
  5. Break from technology. Minimal email. No social media. Minimal use of my devices – phone, tablet, computer.
  6. Quiet. No explanation needed, right?

The thing is, I’m grateful every day for the life I have.

Being completely in that feeling has helped get me through the past few years.

As I continue to push forward towards a vision I have of the future, without stopping to enjoy the present, the feelings of thankfulness, grace and appreciation for the ‘now’ slip a little further away each time.

Sometimes, the best action you can take for yourself, your life, your business, is to turn that acknowledgment of love and acceptance fully towards yourself.

Don’t worry, the world will be waiting for you when you return.

What is one thing in your life right now that you would like to show gratitude for? Put that positive energy into the universe and shout it out below.

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