Business Tools I Love: Zoom

Working in the behind-the-scenes arenas of dozens of businesses, I’ve used A LOT of tech.  For most tasks, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for anything. It’s my job to sort through the options to find a solution that works best for my clients and their businesses.

When tasked to find easy-to-use, affordable video conferencing software for a client, I zeroed in on Zoom, for many reasons. I also use it myself and have migrated many other clients to this software.

Why I Love Zoom

  • Cost: Zoom offers a free plan that allows for all the basic options, with your only limit being that meetings are capped at 40 minutes in duration and 50 participants. The first tier of paid plans starts at $14.99/host/month. Super affordable compared to other options available.
  • Layout of Host Dashboard: The online account dashboard, where you schedule meetings is very easy to navigate, with simple to use lefthand navigation controls for Meetings, Account Management, Profile and Advanced Features. The host meeting dashboard that is installed on your computer and what is visible to you during meetings, is super streamlined, with all controls visible, clearly labeled and easy to find.
  • Host Features: While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more expensive options, it is exactly what you need to host a successful video meeting or webinar, including the ability to share your screen and chat with participants.
  • Call Quality: Whether joining via computer or phone, the call quality is great and there is little to no delay when participants are interacting with you. No more asking a question to your audience and uncomfortably sitting there for 30 seconds, wondering if a question is going to come through. The replay quality is also clear and top-notch.
  • Ease of Participant Sign-on: To join meetings, participants have a few options, either via computer or mobile device. With the computer option, participants download the Zoom software (which takes about three minutes) in advance, then click the meeting link to join. Or, they can dial-in via a phone number with special access code. With the dial-in option, participant video is not enabled. Or, participants can join via the mobile app on their iPhone and Android device.
  • Location Video File is Auto-Saved to: When recording a video call, meeting or webinar, once the recording is stopped, the video saves to a pre-designated file location on your computer and is named with the date, meeting title and meeting ID, so that it is easy to find. With the paid accounts, you also have the option to save the recordings to a cloud-based storage in your online account.
  • Quality of Customer Support: Amazing! Even with the basic, free account you get access to online support. The agents are always quick and responsive and happy to help. Plus, they have a very detailed resource library, full of instructions and video tutorials.
  • Other Program Integration: Zoom integrates with many popular software options, such as Acuity Scheduling, Slack, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and Microsoft Outlook, to make scheduling new meetings even easier and more efficient. You can also use Zapier to build your own custom integrations.

Not sure if Zoom is right for you? Check out my guide to figuring out which video conferencing software is best for you (no opt-in or email required – just free knowledge).

Looking for more information before deciding which software is best for you?  Post your questions and stuck points below and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.


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