Why ‘Coach’ Isn’t a Dirty Word

I need to address something here.  As I talk with many women entrepreneurs, a particular word is sometimes spoken in hushed tones – coach. As in, “I’m a parenting ‘coach‘”.

Does it give you chills, like when the hyenas hear the word ‘Mufasa’ in The Lion King?

Not me, but many times, there’s an air of judgment behind the word.

Why is the term ‘life coach’ such a dirty word?

Why do we say it in hushed tones? Why do we say it with regret in our voice?

I get it, the industry is unregulated, so anyone can claim to be a life coach, set up shop and try to help people with unsavory intentions.

But you know what?

I’ve been to my fair share of shitty doctors who claim to want to help people and they’ve been through years of schooling. And really, their agenda was just to push medications that I really didn’t need.

It’s not the training (quality or length) that always matters, it’s the pure, clear intentions of the guide you are working with.

You know it, you feel it when you read their words or log on to their latest webinar.

Because on the flip side, I’ve also worked with less-than-great coaches too. In hind site, I knew the work was not going to be stellar because I fell for high pressure sales tactics and over-promises.

Just as it is with doctors, check out that coach you’d like to work you.  Do they truly want to help or just make a quick buck or a name for themselves? Get on their newsletter list for a few weeks to make sure that what they’re sending out into the world is what you are looking to invite into your life journey.

Have you had an amazing experience with a coach? I’d love to hear about it in the Comments below.

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