Just acknowledge it ALREADY

I see it so frequently, especially in online communities, a job posting for a Virtual Assistant. But there’s always the last bit that sets my blood boiling a bit:

Growing small business looking for a highly-motivated, highly-experienced, rock star VA to assist in daily operations. Must have experience supporting multiple 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs and with the following: (insert a laundry list of additional qualifications, like experience with Infusionsoft, complex sales funnels, 6-figure launches and on and on…). This position pays $15 per hour.


Dear Amazingly Wonderful Business Owner,

I saw your job posting recently in that social media group we’re both a part of. Awesome to hear your business is growing by leaps and bounds! But….

Let’s get real for a moment – what you are looking for isn’t so much as an experienced VA. No, you are looking for a unicorn, my friend. And you are trying to attract that mythical creature with a pay rate that is entry-level at best, about half the industry standard for those qualifications (which starts at $25 per hour for the most basic of services, in case you weren’t aware – I’m happy to keep you informed 😉 ).

So let me ask you this – would you appreciate a client coming to you, asking to work with a Master Certified Life Coach, to guide her through her relationship issues and then she says, ‘oh, but I’m only going to pay you $500’ for that 6-month package you so amazingly offer. K?’

My guess – you would run the other direction FAST and potentially consider firing off a less-than-friendly ‘no thank you’ email.

So why would you discount your team members like this? You want them to be a partner in your business, no? You don’t want them to have to take on so many clients just to pay the bills that they give your business half the attention it needs, right?

I didn’t think so either.

Yes, your posting may attract prospects. You might even be happy enough to hire one of those prospects as a new team member. But, the new team member may not be as far along in their career journey as the unicorn you desire. Or they may not stay on your team for very long, taking the less-than-desired pay rate in between clients that pay their regular rates, and you’ll be right back in the same hiring process boat a few months down the line.

So here’s a possible solution that gets you what you want and respects the virtual support industry as a whole: consider telling the person that starting pay is just that ‘starting pay’ and will increase by $5 or $10 (or other agreed-upon amount) per hour after 6 months. And then commit to it.

If you are clear on your goals, delegating properly AND the team member is delivering, you will see your systems become more efficient and streamlined. You will feel a positive change in your operations, marketing, list engagement.

Going this route not only honors the team member’s experience they are bringing to the team, but let’s them know that their usual pay rate will be met in the near future. It gives them a concrete timeline.

And hey, if you don’t have the budget, just tell them, acknowledge it. We appreciate honesty. And we might decide to work with you still because you are just that awesome and lovely.

But know too, if you don’t have the budget, then you may need to bring your wants to a more realistic level and consider taking on someone who has less experience or doesn’t possess all of the qualifications you desire. Yes, turning the honesty magnifier towards the self works well too (it’s actually highly efficient).

Thank you for hearing us out!

Much love,
Lindsay {and all the other co-pilots, support rock stars and behind the scenes magicians in the universe}


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