Is Your Routine Stuck in a Rut?

It’s getting nearer to the New Year and while this time of year gives people pause to think over all that they are grateful for and all that they want to accomplish once the calendar turns over, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to think about HOW you work.

Is the way you go about your day, tackle your tasks, starting to feel stale? Do you wake up, ready to attack the day, but then get sucked down the social media rabbit hole?

I have a scheduling suggestion that just may put the life back into your work routine – the A Week / B Week Work Routine.

Sounds simple enough – here’s how it works:

A Week – Schedule all client work.

This week is for client work and client work alone, plus some light admin and email tasks. But the focus should be primarily on working directly with clients through 1:1 sessions, leading a group program, or hosting a webinar.

B Week – Schedule all non-client work.

This includes items such as content creation, networking, guest post pitches, phone or video check-in with your team. It is the time when you work on the behind the scene tasks that are no-less-important, but don’t directly contribute to your revenue growth. Remember it this way, ‘B’ stands for Business Building.

Different tasks and projects require different levels of focus, energy and brain engagement, and this routine allows you to separate them over the course of two weeks, rather than a few hours or days.

Not only are you using your brain in a more efficient manner, but you are also utilizing the concept of batching tasks, which helps you tackle projects with laser focus. ‘I’ll get to it next week’ isn’t an option because that piece of content will now take two weeks to get written and put out into the world. It helps to hold you accountable and stay on task.

Want to try out the A Week / B Week work routine? Steal this ultra-handy scheduling template to get started!

And once you try it out, report back on how it worked for you. Did you love having every other week dedicating for focusing solely on building your business? How did it feel to not meet with clients every week? I’d love to hear from you!


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