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Finding the Deep Root of the Problem – Lindsay Gomez | Management + Consulting

Finding the Deep Root of the Problem

What I’ve seen lately in my work with clients and conversations with other entrepreneurs is that MAJOR business shifts are on the brain.

Maybe it’s the time of year? Maybe it’s current political climate we’re living in?

Something’s in the air that’s causing people to reevaluate what they are doing, how they’re spending their money and where they’re putting their energy. I’m not just talking about changing up the look of your newsletter. No, these are decisions with big time implications on businesses.

When I step back, I can see it. A huge shift in thinking. And strangely, I’m reminded of my decades battle with acne.

Let Me Tell A Little Story

For over 20 years, I had terrible skin. Like, no joke. I’m not being vain at all. My face was constantly scattered with breakouts. And once I got past age 22, lovely dark spots accompanied the pimples and blackheads.

I saw every expert I could – physicians, dermatologists, estheticians. I used so many creams, lotions, serums, spent lots on countless facial treatments. I took precautions to make sure my skin was always clean – never using the same wash cloth twice, changing my pillow case multiple times a week, never working out with makeup on. Heck, I even ended up taking a pill that left me with long-term health issues (another post for another day).

Some of the creams worked… for a little while. But after a few months, I was back to hiding my skin under mounds of makeup out of pure embarrassment.

It wasn’t until I confronted the deeper issue – my diet!

Every professional would ask what I ate, which was about 70-75% whole foods and homemade meals but did include meat and dairy. Once I shared that information, they were satisfied enough and my eating habits were not looked again.

Then, just over a year ago, I decided to change what I put into my body. First, I went vegetarian and months after that, I moved to plant-based foods. I actually did this mostly for environmental and ethical reasons, not just my looks. But once I made the change, voila – my skin cleared up!

The issue that so many doctors were afraid to probe further on what the real root of my skin problems. My diet was no longer serving my skin, the largest organ in my body.

How I See It

So that gets me thinking about the discontent of other business owners. Is it that they aren’t addressing what is really causing the unsettled, something’s-not-working feelings? Trying the latest sales funnel trick or focusing on changing their logos. Surface tactics that don’t speak to what could really be going on.

If you feel unrest in what your business is doing, I challenge you to hunt further.

Did you implement a new strategy that just fixed a trivial problem? Or is there a deep-seated issue that needs to be properly addressed?

Maybe you’re not hitting your numbers because you aren’t focusing on activities that grow your list and get you in front of new people that will buy from you?

Or maybe your current business model of only providing one-on-one services isn’t what you want to do any longer but you haven’t acknowledged the next step you know your business should be taking?

Look for thoughts, systems, strategies that are no longer serving you. Is there another something, anything you could be doing that better fits who you are today?  Do that.

2 Comments on “Finding the Deep Root of the Problem

December 1, 2016 at 9:27 pm

Love this analogy! Thanks for the insight Lindsay. 🙂

Lindsay Gomez
December 2, 2016 at 7:19 am

Thanks so much for your kind words Alison! 🙂

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