today i am heartbroken and sad and angry and frustrated.

i woke up this morning wanting to rip my brain out of my head, make myself micro-sized and hide under the biggest pile of blankets i could find. i’ve spent the morning in tears (which came a total shock to me).

as a small business owner, i know i’ll likely lose my healthcare and my household income could take a hit but my worry is deeper than finances and even health.

i’m so deeply disturbed that so many people sided with hate yesterday.

there’s people out there not willing to take responsibility for their own situation and they think hate and fear, banishment and divides are the answer.

i know that retreating isn’t the answer but it’s what i need right now.

and later today or tomorrow, once i’m done feeling all the feels that the results of yesterday’s election has brewed up, i’ll remind myself that those around me are kind, are decent, are not fueled by hate.

it all starts here, with me and with you.

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