The First Step to Being More Productive

Do you often get to the end of your day and wonder “what did I do today?” You look back at your to-do list and, yes, it has a lot of check marks …

  • buy bananas
  • write blog post
  • schedule social media for the month

… but did you tackle the big items on the list?

Those that will reap dividends in the future, will allow you to ship that much sooner, will give you the courage to stop playing small.

In our culture, we’ve gotten into a pattern of unproductive busyness. We wear busyness as a badge of honor.

How many times has your response been “Busy”, when asked “How are you?”.

It’s our new default. That reactiveness to always tackle the loudest voice in the inbox, the next item that pops up on the list, has led us away from presence and productivity.

This busyness is a symptom and it is ultimately leading to the wasting of time, resources, energy, joy.

Does this sound all-to-familiar to you? Check out the amazing Johnathan Fields’ newest writing, Unbusy: A Manifesto, where he eloquently expounds on his idea of Reactive Life Syndrome.

When do you feel busyness creeping up on you? Is it a daily occurrence? The first step is awareness, so tell me about it below and make the initial move away from busyness.

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