Tell Me About What You Need

When my grandmother moved from her home to an assisted care facility, it was not an easy decision for the family. She was resistant to losing her independence. We didn’t know what to expect from these facilities.

After seeing her unhappy in her new living situation and not loving her home, my aunt and uncle (who were spearheading her care decisions) didn’t know what to do next.

My grandmother couldn’t take care of herself in her big home, so moving home wasn’t an option, but she was deeply unhappy where she was.

They visited dozens of senior care facilities, but none were a fit.

They went to visit one more facility… and it turned out to be THE ONE.

My uncle told me that they knew it was right because instead of the standard ‘here’s what we can do for you‘ line, they were asked ‘tell me what you need‘.

That difference of approach is a game-changer. It’s tells the person you’re here to help them, you’re listening, they matter.

Next time you are talking to a client or prospect or just looking to be of service to someone else, take the time to listen to what they are asking for.

Can’t hear it?  Ask them!

I promise that taking the time to connect with your captive audience, versus rattling off the list of things you do, will grow your business.

Now tell me this – what do you need?  Yep – comment below. I’m listening. 

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