Business Tools I Love: Apple Notes

I admit it – I’m an Apple-lover! Yep, I have a Mac and iPhone to keep my business growing and in contact with all things outside my house and Apple TV to stream Netflix-a-thons on (my recent indulgence – Parenthood).

And, even though the tools and tips I recommend have been tested over and over to know they are amazing, I’m breaking my rule to tell you about my love of Apple Notes!

I’ve always used the note-taking app to jot down quick notes here and there, without needing to open my computer, which can set off a twitch to want to check my email.

With the most recent Apple software update, I found a new use that makes collaborating and taking care of routine tasks even easier. Here’s how:

Collaborate with others

Now, you can share a note with another person or a whole group of people, so that you can quickly communicate ideas, tasks, objectives – whatever you fancy.

For me, I’m using a shared note to coordinate photos with The Photographer. Yep, here’s what’s on tap for our photos shoots in the coming weeks:


As tasks are completed, we cross them off, so that we both know the image is ready for use.

Keep lists of routine tasks

With each newsletter publishing, there are a specific set of steps I need to follow. They aren’t difficult, but I want to make sure each is covered, so that I don’t miss a small, but important detail, like updating the newsletter subject line.

So, I created a list of all the steps, and then check them off as I go through the process.

Simple, but it keeps me organized, on track and I don’t have to use mental space to remember where I am in the process.  Here’s what it looks like on my end:


I know this latest Apple Notes enhancement is new and there’s sure to be updates in the future that could make these features even better (or break them – don’t do it Apple), but right now, this is my new list go-to.

Have you found a new piece of technology recently that you have just fallen for?  What is it – how has it made your work more productive?

Note – the uses described above come with the most recent update of mobile devices to iOS 10 and computers to macOS Sierra version 10.12. If you’re using an earlier or much later version, you will may see app feature differences.

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